Migrating Extension SU 2020 - SU 2021


As always upgrading Sketchup the extension (paid) migration nightmare.

I have several extensions purchased fron Extension Warehouse intalled in SU 2020.
Whilst installing them into Su 2021 via Sketchup (Menu) Extesion warehouse I they are not licenced.

I have contacted a developer and got the answer that ndividual extension developers have no control over Extension Warehouse licenses.
Suggesting me to contact Extension Warehouse support.
Finding the support email is impossible.

I would appreciate any assistance from the SU support team.
Please provide me with the PM or the email address I can furnish you with the list of the non-licenced, migrated plugins from SU 20 - SU 21 with my email used for the purchase.

Thank you in advance for a prompt response.

Extension Warehouse paid extensions have a license that allows you to install them in two copies of SketchUp. It does let you install a third time, I imagine so that you can get up and running in a new version before you need to remove the extension from the old version of SketchUp.

Each version of SketchUp you install under counts as another installation. If you still have SketchUp 2018, 2019, and 2020 installed, with the extension still in there, adding it to 2021 will seem like a fourth installation.

Try opening older versions of SketchUp that you no longer need to use the extension in, and use Extension Manager to uninstall the extension, then reinstall the extension in 2021.

before uninstalling extensions with license authorisation, be sure to release the license first then uninstall

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Thank you,

Too late.
The plugin has been uninstalled.

Is it possible to revert the action by reinstall it then, if any release the licence?

Would that only apply to Sketchucation extensions, or EW free extensions that handled their own licensing? I think that any EW paid extension does its licensing without a menu item for doing that, and so no way to free up the license. Extension Manager is supposed to do that for you.

At the moment it isn’t doing that, and we have a new bug report that is being investigated.

The reinstall and then uninstall should work, but currently doesn’t.

Are you two people in the forum? If you are, the answer to your Other You’s question, about who to contact, you would use the Message Us option on this page:

If you have a license that uses a serial number, have that ready to enter if asked. If you have a Pro subscription, make sure to be signed in with the email that the subscription is assigned to.

For now though, you need not worry. I unblocked the issue from your many paid licenses. You should be able to install and use those extensions on a new machine now.


I do thank you.
As far as the Sandbox Bonus Tools is concerned I have managed to reinstall it.
The plugin is licensed. No prompt for the license.

But as Julian suggested there was NO OPTION, nowhere to disable/remove the license of the Sandbox Bonus Tools.
Thus a catch 22.
The developer has no CONTROL over EW licensing.

The only hope is that you have successfully reset/unblocked this license (Sandbox Bonus Tools).
Some I have repurchased using a new account. One day I will be lost among them.

Alas I cannot get access to Sketchup Help - Technical Support mentioned.
I have been using a corroborative classic license, nor a subscription. The serial no is not accepted in the help page form.

Will give a try with the Sandbox plugin in question on the other machine.

On the second machine the Sandbox Bonus Tools is marked as 3/3.

Cannot transfer the plugin.
On the first machine there is NO OPTION of removing the licence. On the second one nothing to do because ot the 3/3 seats limit.
Who on earth can reset, refund, advise in the serious manner with this pain in neck issue?

For now though, you need not worry. I unblocked the issue from your many paid licenses. You should be able to install and use those extensions on a new machine now.

Thank you. I ignore which account/email you have used to unblock the paid licenses.
I see that Sandbox Bonus Tools is not. Still 3/3 seats marked - no possibility to transfer it to the new machine.

I think you may have a record number of paid extensions, and I did miss three of them. It did those now, and they should show up as 3/4.

You have no extensions under your hotmail address, so it was under your gmail address that I was checking.

I do thank you, will check inna while.

Indeed, the account with the given number id the gmail one. The sane as my logging here.

One question remains though- how one can cope with plugin transfer, I mean paid ones, if there is no possibility to remove the licence, no such option provided by a developer?

As in my very case here - Sannox Bous Tools?

Once more many thanks for your kind assistance.

Thank you the plugin finally and successfully has been licensed - 4/4.