Best way of migrating extensions when upgrading to Sketchup 2022

With the newly released Sketchup 2022 upgrade, I thought I’d shoot out a post inquiring about hopefully a better way of migrating extensions from SU2021. It might always be the only thing that makes me procrastinate on upgrading from version to version.

Any links or advice would be great!

Thanks in advance!

Search results for 'migrating extensions ' - SketchUp Community :wink:

Ahh, so in other words, no improvement on that front… So excited! :no_mouth:

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You can go ahead and copy the extensions from the 2021 Plugins folder and paste them into the 2022 Plugins folder. Then open SU2022 to see what loading errors you get due to outdated or incorrectly installed extensions. You’ll only need to deal with those that throw errors. For my part I prefer to install extensions fresh from their sources to make sure I have the most up to date extensions and that they are correctly installed.

Those from Sketchucation are easily installed using the Sketchucation Extension Store tool (if you used it previously to install extensions from there).

Dave - as always, thank you for your response and further insight into the process. I too will be installing all from scratch vs the copying method. It was just wishful thinking that this somehow had changed. Would love to see this actually being a feature - it only bodes better for SU in the end as it makes adopting the new versions much more expedient.

thanks again Dave!


You’re quite welcome. Hopefully you’ve been using the Sketchucation Extension Store tool to install extensions like those from TIG and Fredo6 so you can use it to install your bundle from there.

I expect before SketchUp could install all of your extensions automatically they would need to find a way to force all extension authors to keep their extensions up to date in a timely fashion. You can easily imagine that many of those free extensions out there would disappear.

I side load Sketchucation plugins via SU extension manager but for '22 I’ll look to install the Extension Store tool - great Sketchucation version of the extension manger!


Keep in mind the bundle is only created when you use the Sketchucation tool to install the extensions.

It’s also useful when you need to install your extensions on another computer.

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Yes, I’ll start it up with SU22 - also, couldn’t help but notice some Orbitals in your PC lineup! :star_struck: :ok_hand:

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Actually the same Orbital. :wink: