Migrating Extensions from 2020 to 2021?

How do I get my extensions from 2020 to 2021?
thank you

As usual, the best approach is to make a list of the extensions you actually use and install them from original sources for 2021. If you installed from SketchUcation, you can use their bundle system (as of SketchUcation Plugin Store 4) to do this in a batch.

Many extensions that worked in 2020 will run perfectly in 2021 and could simply be copied from the old Plugins folder into the new one. But a few may fail in strange ways, and you can waste a lot of time tracking them down.

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Reinstall all of them - using the Extension-Warehouse or the SketchUcation-PluginStore as appropriate.
There are bulk/bundle tools to do this…
Many will have been tweaked behind the scenes by their authors to achieve future compatibility.
If you don’t do this then there will probably be some incompatibilities.

You could copy the contents of the v2020 Plugins folder into the v2021 Plugins folder…
But be prepared for heartache / headache…

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Thank you