Convert extensions

I just installed sketchup 2023.
Now I was wondering if there is an easy and smooth way to bring all my plugins / extensions that I used in sketchup 2022 to the new version? Or do I have to reinstall 1 by 1?

This is the “preferred” or recommended way.

Or you can check this article:
Migrating from a previous version | SketchUp Help

other possible way:
ExtensionStore | SketchUcation

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you can also copy the content of the 2022 plugin folder into the 2023 plugin folder.
Then, next step is to start SU 2023, and check all your plugins. no need to design an airport, just check them all one by one, to see if they transferred properly. if not, you’ll need to reinstall them

:warning: :warning: it’s really a gamble. it’ll either go super well and poof, 10 min later you’ve migrated. OR it’ll go wrong, and you might even end up reinstalling both SU and your extensions :slight_smile:

Third way, if you are using Sketchucation’s plugin manager, is to simply reinstall the package from your previous version.
(edit : Dezmo edited his message to include SUcation :wink: )