I’m new to the forum so pl let me know if I’m not using correctly.

Does any one know how to update to 2021 without having to load your extensions all over?

Thank you in advance

What version are you updating from?

2020 pro

Then you will have to reinstall your extensions.
But you don’t need to uninstall 2020, they run separately, so you should install 2021 and keep working in 2020 until you are comfortable with 21.

Thank you.
Frustrating - you would imagine it would be a simple change over.
Thanks again


There are ways to simplify the change.

Both Extension Warehouse and SketchUcation can remember what extensions you have from either source, and reinstall them as a collection.

Those from other sources will have to be replaced individually.

Would be nice, as was stated, if it could retain them when upgrading instead of having to reinstall like this. Really this should be part of a pro package experience at this price.

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Or just write the installer to look for previous installs, like other software does :wink:
Sort of like a “Migration Tool” one could call it.

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