Moving extensions from SU2021 to SU 2022

Is there a way to migrate my extensions in the extension manager from SU21 to SU22
also have fredo6 and a few more.

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Best practice is to install them fresh to make sure you get the most up to date versions and to make sure they get installed correctly. Some extensions require correct installation and not simply copying.

If you were using the Sketchucation ExtensionStore tool to install extensions like those from Fredo6, you could install it into SketchUp 2022 and then use it to install your bundle from Sketchucation.

For extensions from the Extension Warehouse you can go to the EWH panel in SU2022 and install the extensions.

If you don’t mind chasing loading errors you could always just copy them over from the older installation and try your luck.

Might also be a good time to do some house cleaning and skip installing extensions you never use.


Thanks DaveR

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By the way, you put this in the SketchUp for Web category. Since the web versions of Sketchup don’t utilize extensions I’m moving it to the SketchUp category.

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Hi DaveR,
The migration issue is one that won’t go away. Yes, you have made valid comments about extension that a never used and house keeping is an on going matter. BUT, a global migration routine should be looked at. I take a screen(s) shot of all three screens to remind me of the extension, tray & toolbar locations and content. I modify tray and toolbars (both in SU & LO) to suit my workflow and rebuilding this on each fresh install take hours to do properly. And don’t even talk to me about Windows not remembering where things are placed. Perhaps the answer is a third-party app that gives the user the option of saving ALL preferences (shortcuts, toolbars, trays, extension, etc.). I’d buy that all day long.

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I see this comment ocassionally from other users. I wonder what else is going on during that time. It’s never taken me more than about 1o minutes or so to set up a fresh installation of SketchUp in nearly 20 years of using it.

I don’t have a problem with the idea of a way to automatically install fresh copies of extensions from their sources (that’s already available for extensions from Sketchucation) but from long years of experience helping other users, simply copying the extensions from an older version is a recipe for problems.

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OK, that is good advice when discussing extensions, but it’s the whole migration matter that is the issue - tray content, location - toolbar config, location (and keeping them there for that matter, docking doesn’t always work).

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Personally I don’t find setting up my toolbars and trays to be such a big problem. I’ve described many times on this forum how I do it so I won’t waste time with it here. The vast majority of the time when users have had problems with toolbars and trays not staying where they are put, the cause has been found to be incorrect installation.

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Mine went ok - Thanks DaveR