2DXY_SiteSurvey - Can't install on my 2nd machine

I have been speaking with the author of 2DXY Site Survey (Barry Milliken) via email before posting here. He suggested I contact you.

I purchased his extension late last year. I just now got around to getting SU2020 on my home PC (using the same login credentials) and it tells me “Failed to obtain active license for…”. Honestly, I would gladly spend another $25 if need-be, but I don’t even have the option to do that lol

I’m having the same issue with 2DXY after updating to SU2020. I emailed Barry the developer and he also mentioned I contact SU support. No luck so far

At the time that narkosis posted he did also contacted support, and we did something to fix the issue.

I went ahead and fixed it for you too. Uninstall the extension, and install it again. The license should work ok.

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Hi Colin. I just uninstalled and re-installed the extension as you mention and it works now. Thank you.

Hi Colin. Back on September 5th you helped me to install 2DXY after I updated to SU2020 because I was getting a “failed to obtain active license…”. Well, I updated today to SU2021 and I am gettin the same error message when I am trying to install 2DXY. Can you please help me again so I can install this plugin? Thank you.

Paid extensions are like SketchUp licenses, you’re allowed to activate them on two computers, and if you’re trying to added the extension to a new computer, you may need to remove the extension from an existing computer.

Can you find a computer that you no longer will need to use 2DXY on, and use the extension manager to uninstall the extension. Then try to install on the new computer.

Hi. I am not installing on more than 2 computers or new computers. They are the same computers I had SU2020 - my laptop and desktop. On both computers I upgraded to SU2021 then 2DXY stopped working because of the license issue. Its the same problem I had that you previously helped me with on Sept 5 after I updated to SU 2020.

Could you do a test of uninstalling the extension from any version of SketchUp it is installed into, on one of the two machines? I want to see if that frees up the activations. Please let me know if you have done that.

If it doesn’t solve the problem I will be able to do something to help, but it would be very useful to do the test, it may help other people in the future.

I am running into the same issue. Also, it says on my extension warehouse that I’ve activated this 3/3 times. However, I don’t see any documentation on how you can deactivate an extension. I’ve tried uninstalling and removing it from the plugins folder with no success :frowning:

Manually removing it from the plugins folder won’t work. Put the extension back, and then use Extension Manager to uninstall the extension. That will remove the files, but it also will remove the license, and update your account to give you back one activation.

Hey Colin,

I tried that as well, going to manage, uninstall, closing sketchup, reopening, installing, saying it successfully installed and then still having the failed to obtain notice.

I also went into 2020 and uninstalled it there but it is still showing as 3 activations. How can I deactive all of those because I likely can’t get into a 2019 activation since I was on a classic license that is now expired.

The extensions use the same licensing system as a Classic license, but isn’t dependent on it. Subscribers are able to buy extensions.

I adjust things slightly, you should be able to uninstall, install, and have it work.

Hey Colin, I need help on this as well. I have it installed on my laptop and my old Mac mini that died. I have a new Mac mini and am running into the same issue. I can’t uninstall it on my old computer.

Thanks in advance!

Try now.

That worked! Thank you!

Hi Colin, I think that I need your help too? I am also having problems with the license of 2DXY SlickMoves in SketchUp 2021. I also contacted Barry Milliken about this and was told to get in touch with SkechUp support becauce he can’t help me with this problem. I am glad that I found this topic about it. Tonight I uninstalled the extension from SketchUp 2019 on my home working mac (after this SketchUp 2019 hanged while quitting making me to force-quit it so I hope the uninstalling proces completed well?), and I will uninstall the extension from SketchUp 2020 on the mac at my office tomorrow but last year I stopped using an old mac (which I clean installed to use it as a second display through target display mode with the replacing new mac at my office) without uninstalling 2DXY SlickMoves from SketchUp 2019 (and maybe even 2018?) from that computer before re-installing the OS because I did’nt know that was needed. I hope you can help me with this?

Edit 20200111 0834: I just uninstalled 2DXY SlickMoves from SketchUp 2020 on my office mac, so now I only have this extension still installed in SketchUp 2020 on my home working mac. However I see (in the extension warehouse in “my downloads”) that there are still 3 activations. This should actually be just one activation according to my current 2DXY SlickMoves extension(s) in use.

I would be very happy if you could help me with this and now that I know how it works with activating licenses I will in the future uninstall the extension from an old version (or before reinstalling a mac ) first before installing the extension in a new version from SketchUp.

Thanks in advance!

Hey Colin, it stopped working on my MacBook Pro now. Tried to uninstall and reinstall the plugin like before. The license works on two computers right?


I’m not sure why uninstalling the extension wouldn’t have worked, unless you only removed the files, instead of using Extension Manager to uninstall.

Check again now, I think it will work.