License missing on 2DXY Site Survey

Purchased the 2DXY Site Survey extension long ago. Now with 2022 Pro, I cannot access the extension and get the “License missing” message. I can download the extension files from the Extension Warehouse, but the RBZ file is missing (I assume that is required). I have seen older threads on this issue, but I see no fix. Help!

There is a defect in our system that you hit up against. There wasn’t anything you could have done to fix it. Fortunately, I can (and did).

You should be able to install from Extension Warehouse without getting involved with RBZ files.

Try now.

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I’ve just come up to the same stumbling block. Can I do anything or do I need to reach out to the developer?

Works on my old computer in SU2022, no license found on my new computer in SU2022.

I have deleted it from older versions on old computer; I have deleted activations on all computers; I have uninstalled from new computer and reinstalled. It seems like every time I get a new computer or new version of SU I go through the loss of 2DXY Site Survey for some time.

SU and the developer do not appear to get along. I have even offered to purchase again from Barry though he says that won’t work: talk to SU.

This is a great extension I use regularly, but very frustrating every time I upgrade equipment or software–

Colin - I am having the same “license missing” problem with this extension. Can you reset from you end? I’ve tried everything!

Thanks, Michael

I could see a problem with that extension, and with DPLineStyler. I fixed both things, try now.

Still having trouble with 2DXY site survey. Can you help?

Would it help to uninstall to DXY site survey?

Error message is license missing.

Yes, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the extension, for the license file to be regenerated.

How can I purchase additional activations for my use on other machines utilizing the same login. Or is there some other method? Thank you for your help Michael.

There is a defect in our system that makes this more complicated that it need be. For the moment you should be able to add the extension to a couple more computers.

I have contacted the Developer, but he is unable to fix this.
Extention Issues: 2DXY SlickMoves & 2DXY Site Survey.

The issue I see is that I have maxed out my three activations, but I only work from 1 computer & have uninstalled from previous versions.


I could see the issue with both 2DXY extensions, and adjusted things at our end. They should work now.

Hey again @Colin ! Could you reset me again for the 2DXY survey completely? I’m sure you’re tired of this mess on the plugin. :roll_eyes:

I’ve gotten by with only using it in the one instance on my desktop computer, but it’s becoming an issue when I need to use it on site with my laptop.

But since upgrading to SU2024 I can’t get it activated again. Never seems to uninstall correctly before I switch.

I’m glad that extension is so popular!

Things should be good again.

Thank you very much for your help!