Upcoming Extensions Transfer Nightmare


I would appreciate any reliable piece of guidance on transferring extensions a new pc without the usual nightmare of loosing licences.
I have a lot of plugins purchased via Sketchucation or Plugin Warehouse.
A lot of them are not a deactivation option available.

What is the less painful way to transfer all my extensions to a new computer?

Thank you in advance.

It’s always best to install fresh copies of your extensions to make sure you have the most current versions. In order for some extensions to work correctly they have to be installed using the proper installation process.

There may be changes to the Ruby version in the next SketchUp release that will require the authors to update their extensions so getting the latest versions of the extensions will be best. As for those commercial extensions that have licenses, you’ll need to install the licenses. In the case of extensions from the Extension Warehouse, you may only need to log into your Trimble account to activate the license. If you’ve already used up the maximum number of “seats” for the extension you will have to uninstall the extension from an older version or installation of SketchUp to free up the license. For extensions from Sketchucation, I believe you only need to install the Sketchucation tool in the new version and log in to get it to look at the folder where your licenses are kept. In the case of going to a new computer you’ll need to find the license e-mails you received and install those liceses. No big deal, though.

You might also consider it a good time to do some house cleaning and get rid of extensions you don’t use.

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Thank you very much.

The main problem is the relicence the plugins that were installed via Plugin Warehouse or Sketchucation with no uninstall option, I mean paid ones.
I have the max seats used.
As for my experience uninstalling them from Extention Manager SU does not automatically release the licence.
Thus once installed on the new pc they become unlicensed with the limite of the installation already used message.

Some of the plugins have an option of releasing the licence.

This is the reason why my licensing system for the Medeek plugins does not limit the installations, it only looks to see if more than three licenses are concurrently being utilized. So theoretically you could install the extensions on as many PC’s or Macs as you like, and there is no need to release the license from one machine so you can run it on another.


Hmmm… Not my experience. In fact last night I had to go back to an older version of SketchUp and uninstall an extension I want to use in SU2021. I opened the old version, uninstalled the extension via the Extensin Manager, opened 2021 and installed the extension via the Extension Warehouse UI. That’s all it took.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

Unfortunately, what @GThib says is true. I adjusted things at our end, and all of your Extension Warehouse paid extensions should add successfully now.

I also fixed two of Dave’s extensions, which had run into the same issue.

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I know this has nothing to do with the topic mention, but I couldn’t find the right category to post in on the forum. My question: I still have SketchUp 2020 listed in Apps & Features. Can I safely remove SketchUp 2020 without losing anything in SketchUp Pro 2021? I’m trying to clean up my system and I don’t think I need SketchUp 2020.

Yes. You can remove 2020. Each version installs as a separate program.

Yes, … BUT … after uninstalling SketchUp 2020, I would suggest rerunning the 2021 installer and choosing the Repair option. This will make sure that file associations and the skp thumbnailer are correctly using SU2021.


You are right in case on two SU version on the very SAME pc.

My issue concerns two different pcs. Transferring licenced, paid extensions from an old one to a new pc.

One thing you should do is open 2020 and sign out. That will free up one of your sign-ins to be used with 2021 on another machine. More recent uninstallers do the sign out for you, but the 2020 uninstaller didn’t do that.

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Does it mean in case of any licencing issue on the new machne can I ask for an intervention to release any licence of transferred extentions?

By my experience the extension authors have no control on their plugin licence when selling them via Plugin Warehouse.

It could be really useful having an option of releasing the licence by a user of any plugin purchased.

It wouldn’t work quite like that, but yes, you would contact support and they would fix the problem. What I changed should keep you going for a while.

If you ever need to contact support, and they seem unclear about what is going on, refer them to our bug report, SKEXT-2654.

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Thank you.
I certainly will in case if sth goes wrong.
I’ve been trying to guess the meaning of the above.
Above all the duration of a while.

Once more for the official precision, please.
Could you confirm or infirm the following?

Uninstalling purchased on Extension Warehouse extensions via SU Extensions Manager does not automatically release their licences.

The only way to release/relicence them is to ask the SU Support Staff to make some necessary changes.

Thank you in advance.
For the reference number as well.

I removed it. I also did the Repair on 2021 as suggested by DanRathbun. Now here is another quick question. How come most of my components give me a volume info in the Entity Info tray, when I click on it except for 2 components which don’t? Here is a snippet of what I get.



The component selected in the first one is not a solid so no volume calculation is possible.

Since it’s off topic fotr the thread, it should be a separate one. Or send me your file by a private message and we’ll look at it together.

Yes, support would need to make a change, there isn’t anything that you can do on your own. I made a change that will make sure the one you are trying to do now will work, and the next time you have the same migration to do, it will work as well. When you are changing computers for a third time you may run into the issue again. Hopefully we will have fixed the underlying problem before then.


I am about to reinstall completely Windows 10 on my laptop.
I was wandering whether I can simply backup and restore the plugin folder instead of unlicencing and reinstalling all paid plugins.
I mean the user plugin folder and program data one?

Would it work, taking into account that there is the very same machine?

Some things, including the workspace settings, are stored in the Registry. I wouldn’t want to talk you through how you would export those settings and reimport them into the new Windows.

For the other files, I think it should work. You would want everything in %AppData%\SketchUp, %LocalAppData%\SketchUp, and C:\ProgramData\SketchUp.

On the new system, install the versions of SketchUp that you have on the old system, then replace those three folder locations with your backup files, before opening SketchUp.

Thank you.
Very good news.

I am aware of registry settings recordings.
I think export and afterward import current Sketchup registry entry will reload the setting after the Win 10 reinstallation.