Removing all Installed Exension Licences


How to remove all installed via SketchUcation and Extension Warehouse, manually installed, extention licences?
I have to migrate all of them to a new machine. I have no additional licences (3 per user) ones available.

Thank you in advance.

Shall I ask Sketchup Support Team to release them?

I don’t know how the Sketchucation extension licenses work. Someone else will no doubt be able to tell you that answer.

For the extension warehouse, there is a defect in our system, and removing a license doesn’t free it up to be used on another computer. I can adjust things in your account to let you add the license to a new machine.

The email you use in the forum is not used for any SketchUp licenses or subscription. To adjust your account I would need to know what email address you use when buying extensions.

Oh it is great.

Thank you very much.
I would ask you to release the licences as you suggest, if you could leave just one out of three.
I could send emails/accounts the extentions have been purchased with.

I would rather avoid showing them in the public forum, here.
Shall it be some other way to provide you with them?

Hope someone has a piece of advice conserving Sketchucation licencing.

All the best

Sketchucation tool>global licenses>details. You really ought to explore this extension, Many treasures in it.

You can click on my avatar and then Message, and send a private message with your email address.

Thank you, just done.