Migrate extensions from 17 to 18

How would I migrate my Extensions from SU17 to SU18?

I have windows 10 64 bit.


Best practice is to install them fresh. Don’t copy them from the old installtion unless you enjoy chasing loading errors. Most extensions come from either the Extension Warehouse or Sketchucation. Both have tools to allow for automatically installing current versions of your extensions provided you used those tools to install them in 2017.

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Always install them new via the Extension Manager.

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That would be true for any extensions that you had downloaded RBZ files for, and that you still had the RBZ file. For Sketchucation they have an ExtensionStore plugin, I imagine that can install extensions you had downloaded from them in the past.

For any extensions you got from the Extension Warehouse, opening Extension Warehouse, make sure you’re signed in with the email address you used in the past, then from the profile menu in the upper right you would choose My Extensions, to see a list of the extensions you’ve download before, and with an Install link next to each one. That’s a fairly quick way to get the extensions installed.

You should be given the latest version of the extension, and if it’s in the list nearer the top, it has been tested with 2019. If it’s in the list of incompatible extensions at the bottom, it could be worth trying still, as it may work, but just hasn’t been tested with 2019.

Some extensions rely on a library extension being installed, for example some of ThomThom’s extensions need TT_Lib². If you see that in your list, install it before installing other ThomThom extensions.

Also Fredo6 extensions.

The update process of the extension warehouse is quite delayed. If you want the latest versions of my extensions you best bet is always directly from my website:


Thank you for that. Never had much success with the extension manager. There are some programs that need more permissions or not sure what the issue is. Also use Twilight Render which I can get fresh.
Seems like a lot to go through to just upgrade.

Thanks for the insight.


If you install SketchUp correctly by right clicking on the downloaded installer and choosing Run as administrator (while signed in to Windows as you normally do), you shouldn’t have any permissions issues. If you installed extensions in the previous version using the Extension Warehouse interface in SketchUp, you should be able to auto install those extensions in the new version by opening the EW panel and going to My Extensions.

There a similar feature with the Sketchucation Extension Store tool.

This is much less trouble than tracking down and fixing all the load errors you’ll likely get by copying the old extensions.

thanks Dave, will try to remember - waiting for new 2020 release. Any word on when that may be?
thanks again.

Nah. They never tell until they release. 2019 was released in the first quarter of this year. I guess I wouldn’t expect 2020 until the first quarter of next year but who knows. Having said that, they’ll release it this afternoon just to prove me wrong. :smiley: