What a pain in the rear

I upgraded to Sketchup 2018 but just a few of my plugins and extensions were moved over.

How do I get all of my extensions back?

I would “think” the update would of been smart enough to know how to do this.


Each version of SketchUp is a separate installation. You can automatically install the extensions you installed in the previous version through the Extension Warehouse. Any that you installed using the Sketchucation Extension Store tool can also be installed autmoatically.

While it might seem like it would make sense to copy your extensions over from the previous version, it isn’t a good idea at all. Most users tend to do a lousy job of keeping their extensions up to date and often the new SketchUp version requires updated code in the extensions. If the installation process were to simply copy the old extensions over you might wind up with a whole lot of load errors due to incompatibility. The same would happen if you copy them over manually. Then you’d be posting a different “Pain in the rear” thread because of the errors on startup.

Let the EW and Sketchucation Extension Store install fresh copies for you. That should take care of the majority of your extensions.

You might also consider it a good time to do some housecleaning and get rid of some extensions you don’t use anyway. There’s no point in having to wait for extensions to load during startup if you aren’t going to use them anyway.

Thanks Dave, yes I know, but that takes some thought.

I got most of them re-installed but some that are enabled I cannot find to use.

And one Solid Inspector is critical to my work.


Did you install TT_Lib, too? It’s required for Solid Inspector to function. If you installed them through the EW before, it would take care of things like installing support files required by some extensions like Thom Thom’s.

Yes I have TT_Lib. Solid Inspector and Solid Inspector2 used to be in the
Tools menu but I cannot find either one.

Probable I should do a new download and install they might have been
updated my versions are two or three years old.


So you mean you went ahead and copied over the old ones instead of installing fresh like I said above?

I give up.

I had done that before your reply.


Oh god I just realised you are the same thread as the misaligned bits. I’ll back away and let Dave answer you with his unequivocal eloquence.

Oh I need everybody’s input and perspective.

Besides Dave could use a break, he has been really busy with my other
thread, and I might add has done a fantastic job of straightening
out my mess, now I just need to know how he did it.


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