Updating to New Version of SketchUp - Extensions and plugins all gone

Just curious, is there anyway to retain my extensions and plugins when I update to a new version of SketchUp? I feel like I’m constantly having to reinstall all my extensions / plugins from scratch every time I update to a new version of SketchUp.

Its especially tedious because I don’t know which extensions/plugins I have off the top of my head, but in order to find them I have to Log out of the new version of SketchUp because my subscription only allows me to be in one at a time. Then log in to the old one. Screenshot the list of names in my extension folder, etc. Even more tedious is the process of re-adding all the great tools in the Fredo suite.

There’s got to be a shortcut for this, right?

The extensions aren’t gone. Each version of SketchUp installs as a separate program. If you didn’t uninstall the previous version it will still be available. Best practice is to install the extensions fresh from their source to ensure you have the latest versions that are up to date for the SketchUp version. If you want to live on the edge, go ahead and copy them from the previous version and paste them into the Plugins folder for the new SU install. But then be prepared to chase load errors and fix the problem files. Some extensions also need to go through a proper installation process. You’re on your own to sort out the loading errors, of course.

If you were using the Sketchucation Extension Store tool to install extensions from Sketchucation you could use it to install your bundle from there. That should get you Fredo6’s extensions.


@tysongersh i agree this is annoying and there should at least be an extension for taking a snapshot of your old versions’ extensions and UI. If Sketchup could at least just port your old UI plus shortcuts that would be awesome. You can’t expect them to auto-update extensions but yeah, UI and shortcuts should be a no-brainer with some exceptions like where tools were changed or features added/subtracted.

My workaround is taking screenshots and saving them in EverNote. I screenshot the UI, extension manager window and SketchUcation extension manager.

I also just noticed the Shortcuts window as an option to import and export shortcuts so I’m adding that to my BKM.

That said, Sketchup please make updates and pull UI config files to new versions.

Does anyone know of an extension that can do this? Or can someone make one?

SketchUp shortcuts do transfer between versions.