Is it possible to update SU and get all extensions along, or must they all be installed again?

Been putting off the updates as I have a lot of extensions installed

You can try copying them from the old version’s Plugins folder but be ready to chase possible loading errors for extensions that are out of datte or need to be installed properly or whose licenses need to be set up.

When you update to versions of the same release, example: 2023.0 to 2023.1, all your plug-ins will be kept, if you update to a newer release like 2022 to 2023, you’ll have to do what Dave suggested, if you use sketchucation plugin store, all the plug-ins that you have installed that are available in the sketchucation store can be installed automatically when you install the sketchucation plugin in the newer version. Plug-ins exclusive from the extension warehouse or other stores must be installed manually.