Streamlining the updates in the context of a firm

We are hitting a wall with Sketchup updates inside our firm. It seems that shortcuts and extensions do not follow with the updates and I am wondering if there is a clean way to “compile” all of this stuff and reinstall with each new version of Sketchup.

The reason this is such a massive undertaking is that each of our users have different setups and for us to stop production on any drawings/models for updates would cost us pretty significant delays and money on our projects and it must all be done in sync with the entire office. We only use a Sketchup/Layout workflow so we now DREAD the time of year when there is an update (I used to be excited for them).

Is there a solution to this to streamline an update with extensions?


If SketchUp is installed correctly the keyboard shortcuts you have established should get picked up by the new version.

As for extensions, you can try copying them from the older version’s Plugins folder to the new version. That can work however it can also create problems since not all extensions can install correctly by simply copying them. Also it’s not uncommon for users to have old, out-of-date extensions that may need to be updated to work with the newer version of SketchUp.

Best practice is to install all extensions fresh from their sources to make sure you have the latest versions and that they are installed correectly. If you have extensions from Sketchucation such as those by Fredo6 and TIG, and they were installed with the Sketchucation ExtensionStore tool, there will be a bundle that can be loaded automatically if you install the SketchucatioExtension Store tool in the new version.

Second best practice would be to copy the extensions from the old version, open SketchUp, and deal with any potential load errors that may occur.

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Amazing workflow.

Thank you Dave

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Thank you!