Version Update View/Toolbar Preferences

When updating between annual versions, it becomes an hour+ process. I know preferences can be exported, but I want my view settings for toolbars and default tray to export as well. I’m tired of setting up the software 100% every time there is an update. ALL preferences for how I use Sketchup should be exportable. If I had a wish list, I would add that I want a way to auto add any extensions that I was using in the prior release.

It shouldn’t take an hour+ to do the migration, especially with the Extension Warehouse and Sketchucation Plugin Store tools to make automatically installing fresh copies of your extensions a breeze.

I’ve migrated to a new version of SketchUp 13 times now. The last several times it took less than 10 minutes. For setting up toolbars and getting them in the same locations as in the previous version, I make a screenshot of the previous version and import that as an image into the new version.That gives me a good reference to work with.

I use setting up a new version of SketchUp as an opportunity to do some cleaning. I get rid of extensions I don’t use or I clear off toolbars I know I haven’t used for awhile. If I want them later, I can either add them or display them temporarily.

Materials, components, and custom styles are all kept in directories that can be quickly copied to the new version. Keyboard shortcuts are generally picked up automatically by the new installation.

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The process could be more streamlined, e.g. by a wisard that asks you exactly what you want to import from the earlier version and then does it, all in one place.

Some settings (shortcuts I believe) are already automatically imported. I am not 100% happy with this as I want to try out the new SketchUp version in its clean state before setting it up my way. Last time I updated I got really happy SkethUp had added a shortcut for Make Group, that also was the same shortcut I had used for some time. Then I realized it was just my own preference.

A somewhat automatic, but also very transparent, migration process would be a neat addition.


I just did my second update and it was a solid 35 mins even on that one. The Ext warehouse does no auto install. You have to hunt and search for each ext and then wait for it to load. I agree the Sketchucation is slightly faster with their plugin, which I do. The bottom line is at a minimum the default tray and it’s order and all the toolbars should be a memorized system. After this many versions, those two items at a minimum should be moving with preferences. I keep all my materials on a server and those directory pointers move with preferences. I don’t have to move that at least.

I think you’re on to the best idea. Migration should be customizable.

The faster way to do that is to go to the warehouse then click on your profile. You will then get a list of all the extensions that you have ever downloaded and used.

You can download them all without searching

No. That’s not correct. Hover over your name in the top right corner of the Extension Warehouse window and then click on ‘My Extensions’. Then click on Install All.

Thanks for sharing. That does make is a bit better.