Transfer of workspace toolbars etc when upgrading?

Hej, I just upgraded to 2020, and it seems like I will have to arrange the tools and workspace windows layout manually, as well as installing all the plugins and such.
I was wondering if there is a smarter way to transfer my preferred steup from 2019 to the 2020 than “manual one-by-one”?

It’s always best to install extensions fresh from their sources to make sure you have the most current versions. Often with a SketchUp version change updates to the extensions need to be made by their authors so getting the fresh versions is best. Well, if you enjoy chasing loading errors, you can skip getting the fresh ones.

As for setting up toolbars, it would be nice if that could be transferred although it shouldn’t happen until you have all of your updated extensions installed. At least for now that option isn’t available so there’s no point worrying over it too much. I make a screen shot of the previous version and import that into the new one to use as a guide for placing toolbars and creating my custom ones.

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Thanks DaveR, so then there is no option than setting it up manually I guess?
At least my custom keyboard shortcuts seem to have been transferred, so I don’t have to hazzle with them.

You can transfer your custom templates but the toolbars need to be set up manually. Think of it as a good opportunity to do some house cleaning and omit toolbars or buttons you don’t use.