SketchUp 2020 migration

Hello. I installed Skecthup and layout 2020. The problem is that my settings, extensions, scrapbooks have not migrated to the new version. What is the correct way to configure my new version of skecthup so as not to lose my usage pattern? Is there an automatic way to do this?

The only thing that should migrate is your keyboard shortcuts. Each version of SketchUp installs as a new application. For extensions, download them fresh from their sources to make sure you have the most current versions. Set up your toolbars after you have installed the extensions. As for custom materials, components, styles, and scrapbooks, my preference is to copy their folders and paste them into the new version main folders which are found in User/App Data/Roaming/SketchUp/…

If you have extensions from Sketchucation and used the Sketchucation Extension Store tool to install them, you can install the Extension Store tool and use it to install fresh copies of extensions from there.

I make a screen capture of my work space in the previous version of SketchUp and after installing the extensions, I import that image into the new version of SketchUp to use as a guide for setting up the toolbars. Installing the extensions fresh is a good time to do some house keeping and eliminate extensions you don’t need.

Make sure when you installed SketchUp that you right clicked on the downloaded installer and selected Run as administrator. If you didn’t do that, you should repair the installation by quitting out of SketchUp and LayOut, right clicking on the installer, selecting Run as administrator, and then choose Repair.

thanks DaveR. helped me a lot.


I’d like to chime in since migrating between versions has always been painful for me. The thing is that I need to update all 5 of our office licenses and that’s a lot of uneccesary hassle.

So Sketchup Team, I’d like to know if there ia a feature to allow us to easily migrate between versions on a roadmap? I belive such a feature is a must-have for studios with several licences…


There have been requests for this sort of thing so maybe it will be implemented one day. The SketchUp folks aren’t permitted to talk about future plans and won’t so there’s really no point in asking about their road map for future feature additions.

Well that’s a bummer! Information like this would help us decide weather or not we could stick with Sketchup in our workflow or not…

I understand that it would be nice to have some sort of migration tool but to let what should be taking you only a few minutes once a year determine what happens for the rest of the year seems a bit extreme. I migrate three computers (so admittedly not your five) and I don’t find it a big deal. It takes a lot longer to change out the dull knives in my jointer and get them all set correctly than it does to migrate to a new version of SketchUp on all three computers. That time investment doesn’t make me want to get rid of the jointer. The migration process I described earlier makes it easy.

Hello. I am furious & disappointed… I’ve had 2020 installed since January… (Version:
20.0.363 (Win 64-bit))
All fine & dandy, even if disappointed that IFC development has seemingly stalled…
Anyway I tried the intermediary update in Feb (Version:
20.0.373 (Win 64-bit)) & that was a disaster: I couldn’t even get Layout to work, so rolled back (wasting hours) to the previous version…
Never one to give up on SU (been using it since 2006/7), I did an update today to version 20.1.229 (Win 64-bit)…
What a f’up. I have wasted my afternoon rolling that back too… Every time I tried to ressave an existing Layout file it crashed (bugsplat) (with or without a new name) & I lost the changes (yes, backup was enabled, but nada, no dice)…
Sketchup bugsplatted on exit and save too…
Hence, back to the January release, even if it has issues, it’s pretty stable.
WTF guys, I am sooo disappointed.
Am I the only idiot to have this problem ?

I’m not seeing the problems you claim with any version of SketchUp 2020. I wonder if yours could be due to an installation problem? Did you install it correctly using Run as administrator from the context menu?

I also wonder if you might be having prblems with that old Nvidia 240 GPU you indicate you have in your profile or maybe the drivers. According to the various benchmark sites it isn’t a real high performer and the latest driver I could find for it is from 2016. Might be time to update your computer.

Yes, I did install as Admin,as always with any software, and no, it’s not a graphics card issue; my profile on here is just old !
I’ve tried the intermediary (feb) update on my office machine which is only a year old and has a recent top of the range NVIDIA card… (drivers always kept up to date.)
& Here at home, in lock-down, on my laptop with an AMD Radeon with the latest driver from march 2020 was where I wasted my afternoon today.
So, no, neither seems plausible.
Hého, the January version works fine enough, so as the old adage says, “if it ain’t broke…”
Tant pis, I guess we won’t bother paying for maintenance anymore & start learning something else.
Bit of a shame after all these years.

Is not the same as right clicking on the downloaded file and choosing “Run As Administrator”!

That’s exactly what I did.

I am experiencing the same problem. The very latest update of Layout seems unstable with several problems, one of them related to saving.
In my case I just relinked to an updated Sketchup file, and attempted to save… then got this:
When reverting to the previous version (Sketchup/Layout 20.0.373) everything runs perfectly again.
As a matter of fact, I even got the latest version of Sketchup to crash (suddenly it just disappeared from the screen) using the very latest version. Otherwise, it’s a long time since I had Sketchup crash on me.

And yes, I did “Run as Administrator”.
I think I will keep the 20.0.373 version for a while…

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Let’s be clear: That is EXACTLY what I did. Look, I’m sure you mean well, but I’ve been doing 3d modelling since 1988 (modelshop beta on a Mac SE) & messing about with computers too, so even if I have never had the patience to learn to code, I do know how to install software & maintain my machines so that they are as free from junk & up to date as possible.
This is the second time I’ve had a problem with a SU 2020 update (cf my original post) & on two different machines, both are windows10 x64 but as stated, they have different graphics cards that have their latest drivers.
I find it difficult to believe that this is only happening to me, but heh… maybe bad luck struck twice.
The thing is, after so many years I’m sick of stuff that doesn’t simply work straight out of the box… thirty years ago, that seemed acceptable as so much was new; we were in frontier territory. Now, I simply find it a hindrance to doing my job as an architect. …
Never mind, as I stated before, we’ll just stay with a version that works more or less… tant pis pour le “progrès”.

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Most of us do not have issues! with the amount of people that do have issues say the install as admins , do not use the right click method, use it then fix it. You did not state **EXACTLY HOW ** you installed, I wanted to double check that box. It may be possible something went wrong with 2 machines so they will not install correctly. As a side note I had to do a clean install to get the drivers for the 3D connexion product to install. things happen.

Yup, Sh*t happens. & back in the pioneering days I found that normal; in 2020, not so much…
Hého, c’est la vie.

Voilà ! I’m sorry that you had this problem, but I feel less alone & am sticking with the first release of SU2020 too…

Interesting that those of us that have to look at a new version of SU as a painfully labor intensive process are not alone. This is simply foolishness in this day and age for what this software costs.

Do you want to pay more? What’s it worth for you to have such a feature?

I find it interesting that some people make it “painfully labor intensive” while some people make it a simple and straightfoward process.