Migrating to SketchUp 2017

Back in September, I posted the steps I go through when I migrate to a new version of SketchUp. With all the versions since I first started using SketchUp and installing on both PC and Mac, I’ve gone through the process many times over the years. for me this method makes it pretty quick and painless. Here’s the link in case anyone is interested.

  1. Custom shortcuts: Those get picked up by the new version of SU so that’s automatic.
  2. Custom materials, styles, components: Those folders from the beginning get put in a place I can quickly access with Open or Create a local collection and Add to favorites.
  3. Custom templates: I just save out a blank SketchUp file from the previous version to somewhere I can access quickly. Open that in the new version and use File>Save as template.
  4. Extensions/Plugins: I always install fresh copies from their source. This helps to eliminate potential problems due to changes in Ruby or other things that might cause old extensions to fail or throw errors. For me it isn’t worth the trouble dealing with the errors if I know I can head them off in the first place. It also gives me an opportunity to do some house cleaning and skip plugins./extensions I don’t use anyway. With the Sketchucation Plugin Store tool, it’s easy to batch install bundles at least for files available there. The EW also makes it easy to automatically install files.
  5. Toolbars: I make a screen shot of the current version showing the toolbars I have active and where they are along with the custom toolbars for the native tools. I import that image into the new SketchUp version as an image and use Zoom Extents to make it fill the drawing space. Then I don’t need to look back and forth between SU versions to make sure I have things where I need them.


Thank you for that reminder. I just received my notification about the new version yesterday was going to start the process of finding your earlier email.


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On the topic of migrating:

I’ve seen in other threads mention of a Checkup utility.
Is this downloaded as part of 2017?
If not, where can I get it? If so
If so, am I prompted to run it during the install of 2017?

On the download all page you get this.


Thanks @Box! Clear instructions, showed my computer shouldn’t have problems with 2017. I’d check the “solved” box except that I’m not the originator of the thread!

Thanks for the break down of migrating to a new version, your method is logical.

I’m having a problem with the extensions though, I often cannot find my old extensions once I migrate (they’re no longer supported?). Certain ones are extremely helpful for my use of SU modeling, I take for granted having them.

Does anyone recommend a good method of importing extensions from previous versions?