Migrating to SU 2018

I have just installed the new version of SU. I am sure I read that one feature was automatic migration of user settings but that doesn’t seem to have happened. Is there something I should have done or could still do to effect that in one go?

What exactly did you read and where? Keyboard shortcuts should automatically be picked up by SU2018. They were for me.

Things like custom template settings and toolbars state and position are not automatically set and never have been.

I wrote the following related to migrating to SU2017.

@DaveR I am probably getting confused between keyboard shortcuts (which, as you say, do seem to migrate) and things like toolbars and extensions.

I guess we all hope that when we migrate, everything looks and works exactly the same way except for new functionality. That is probably way too hopeful and I know has down sides (eg because extensions may be best downloaded afresh).

I cannot find my way back to what I read so perhaps I imagined it! Is there any new functionality in the migration process AFAYK?

BTW, I also read that there is now anti aliasing in Mac improving the screen appearance. I would say that it is no better and may even be a little more fuzzy!

I have also tried importing DWG files directly into LO. It works some of the time and is then brilliant. Quite often though, you either see just a blank within the blue border or, in some cases, it refuses to import at all. I have tried with my own DWGs and those produced by others. I haven’t figured out what LO does when confronted with a DWG that has multiple sheets. You’d hope it would import them all and put them on separate LO pages (maybe it does!). The fact that LO imports text and dimensions (which do update with changes of scale) is a major improvement, so I hope I find that it works more often than not. Text doesn’t always import at the same font size though, which can be a nuisance.

But did you check the SketchUp>Preferences>OpenGL panel:


No but I see mine is set at 4x (the default?). I will try raising it to 8x and see what gives.

Hi DaveR. I just installed 2018 and all keyboard shortcuts are there. The one thing that helped me from last years update. Was taking everything from the block that came in the email.

I copy/pasted all 6 lines as a block into the add license box when I opened 2018 and I was good to go. Last year I had to try 10 times for it to accept my new numbers. I tried to type them in and copy and paste but it kept throwing an error message.

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