Simple way to export/import preferences and plugins from old version of sketchup to upgraded version?

Hello there, I am upgrading from an older version and want to move my preferences and plugins across.

I presume that there is a simple way of doing this?

The short answer is, not exactly. Each Instance of Sketchup installs separately, as a separate program on your hard drive, not disturbing the previous versions. So the new version will not have any extensions. You can use Extension Manger in the window menu to reinstall extensions you have through the extension warehouse and the sketchucation extension to access extensions sourced there, but you may have to manually reinstall some third party extensions. While at it you should check their compatibility as not every extension works with a newer version of SKup. Your keyboard shortcuts should move into 19 automatically (I assume you are going to 19 as your profile currently says 18), but your toolbars and some workspace layouts will need to be reconfigured. There is more info on some potential workarounds here:

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Thank you very much for your help.

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