Is there a way to transfer my settings from sketchup 2018 into 2019



I’m a long time user of Sketchup pro 2018 and have set a lot of my own setting in Sketchup, my own template, shortcuts, extensions, etc. and now that I’ve update to Sketchup pro 2019 I would like to be able to have the same settings in 2019, but they only way I can see how to do that is by manually re-setting all my settings, which could take all day.
is there a function that lets me import the settings from Sketchup 2018? and if there is no setting there really should be, at least for settings like shortcuts and templates.


Update - I’ve found the way to transfer my shortcuts and units and such, but it hasn’t transferred my toolbar settings, template, and extensions…


So you have found a way why not share please


I’ve previously asked for this to be somehow implemented as a feature where your old installation is searched and settings / layout / extensions, etc. are migrated to the new installation. Guess what…


Re Layout, my shortcuts came over but had to recreate all my toolbars again

PS Layout is substantially more responsive in 2019 [W10], zooming, selecting etc


Keyboard shortcuts are now migrated automatically.

I guess it would be difficult to migrate toolbars as you may have set up icons that belong to extensions that the SU installation will not know about. It is generally not recommended that extensions are automatically migrated. Maybe one day extensions will get written in such a way as to allow automatic migration but that promised land is not with us yet.

It is maybe a shame that templates do not get migrated but it is a simple matter to copy and paste from the older folder to the new one.


oops sorry, but I’ve also found out how to transfer all my other stuff quickly so here goes

1. transferring shortcuts and unit settings etc.

Open sketchup 2018 go to Window>Preferences>Files click export and save the file where you can find it easily.

do the same in 2019 but click import, and import the file you just saved.

2. getting all your materials, components, extensions, and templates

  1. open file explorer and turn on ‘show hidden files’ in the ‘View’ tab

  2. go to this folder:

C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018\SketchUp

  1. Copy these files:

  2. paste them to this folder:

C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019\SketchUp

3. toolbars

if you’re like me most your toolbars will come from the plugins you’ll just need to arrange them how like them.

the others you’ll have to select manually in sketchup 2019.
got to View>Toolbars… and then select the toolbars you want.


this is how I did it, if anyone knows a better way please let us know


my advice would be to use sketchucation for your plugins from there you can load bundles


^ this and:
your Extension Warehouse login keeps track of the extensions you download there, make sure that collection is up to date and cleared up (it keeps tack of extensions you downloaded, even though you may have uninstalled them from your SU installation), fro there you can also install all your EW extensions pretty easily


Actually I am referring to LAYOUT toolbars :slight_smile:

TRIBLE unfortunately has not enabled Developer Plugins in LAYOUT

I had to recreate these again manually [PS, that is not how they are arranged LO, just did that to make this image compact]

TRIMBLE, also note the sloppy use of words in a toolbar, no compact icon available for many commands … come on been like that for ages !

Did you programmer get tired of creating icons?


If you install exactly the same extensions as in 2019, you might want to try this (Use at own risk)

  • install version 2019 (rightclick on the installer file etc.)
  • install all the extensions (do not worry about the placements etc.
  • Make some adjustments (Not to many)
  • Do a save (file save)
  • Close 2019 and 2018
    open the regedit through the windows menu (Win 10: just type regedit )
  • export the settings of the workspace of 2018 (Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SketchUp\SketchUp 2018\Workspace)
  • also export those of 2019
  • Open with an editor, delete contents of 2019, replace it with the content of 2018
    *double click on the 2019

I haven’t tested it, myself, though, just a thought


Did you notice 2019:


versus 2018: