Is there a logical way to import personal settings when upgrading?


What is the best way to bring custom settings, say, custom toolbar layouts, to new (2015) versions?


You can export/import keyboard shortcuts and file location preferences.
Exporting preferences, including keyboard shortcuts (Microsoft Windows)
@Jeff would know how or if this works on a Mac

However, there is no tool or built in mechanism to transfer toolbar setups from version to version.
Perhaps take a screenshot of your existing setup for reference in setting up the new version.


hey Geo… hi all

this is possible on mac but it’s not as easy as pushing an export button from within sketchup itself…

the sketchup shortcuts are located at

user/ Library/ Application Support/ SketchUp 2015/ SketchUp
the file is called Shortcuts.plist

that file can be moved to another mac at the same location and the shortcuts will work. (i sync this file via dropbox between 3 computers so if i change a shortcut, it goes to all my computers automagically)

you can also sync the rest of the preferences, including toolbar position etc. with the following file:

user/ Library/ Preferences/ com.sketchup.SketchUp.2015.plist

however, i’d recommend against doing that unless your doing it between computers with the same sized displays… otherwise, you’re bound to lose some panels etc since you might end up telling sketchup to place the dialog in a location that isn’t even available on the different screen.


Thanks for the help-



Thank you for the help. The dropbox suggestion for shortcuts is appreciated. Regarding the toolbars and such I ended up opening my 2014 and 2015 versions together and manually adjusting everything to match.

What about file locations for layout, like scrapbooks and such?