Migrating SketchUp on Mac OS

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So I’m very familiar with how to do this on SketchUp for Windows. You go to Preferences and you can export all the shortcuts and settings to a .dat file. However when helping a coworker on a Mac machine I discovered that that’s not there. He’s kept older versions on his computer because he can never get his stuff to migrate properly so he usually runs things in older versions where he’s got things set up better.

Anyways he’s forcing himself to migrate to 18 since everyone else here has done so… But he can’t migrate things properly. Does anyone have any ways of migrating on a Mac that’s easily doable? It’s so frustrating that something as simple as the UI of the program isn’t the same between the two OS’s…



Have a look in these folders:
~/Library/Application Support/Sketchup 2017/SketchUp
~/Library/Application Support/Sketchup 2018/SketchUp

Where ~ is your home folder e.g. /Users/gordon

You can copy over your Components, Materials and Templates from the appropriate folders. The Plugins could be copied, but it’s better to reinstall them to make sure you get compatible versions with the new SketchUp, especially those available from the Extension Warehouse. This would be a good time to get them all up to date.

Shortcuts.plist used to be the file to copy your shortcuts over when upgrading SketchUp but that changed in SketchUp 2018. The preferences are now in PrivatePreferences.json and SharedPreference.json. The shortcuts are in SharedPreferences.json. Hopefully they don’t change this again and these will be the ones to copy over to 2019 when it comes out. I can’t remember if I got them copied over or not, I might have had to set them all again. Hopefully someone else can help with that one.

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