Migrating shortcuts

I am in process of migrating to SU 2019. I know how to deal with extensions and have successfully reinstalled all my useful extensions. Now I want to do the same thing for my shortcuts. Is there a quick way? I notice there is a Personal Preferences file in the SU folder. Would copying and pasting that from 2018 to 2019 do the trick? I’m hoping not to have to remember all my shortcuts and laboriously have to set them up again!

Did you check to see if the shortcuts migrated on their own?

Hmm, I may need to look into this some more. I tried one or two but they didn’t seem to work but I have just looked at Preferences and see there is one set up for an extension that I think only I have that does seem to have migrated successfully. Maybe I asked prematurely.

Right click on the Sketchup 2019 application icon to show package contents, then open the Resources folder where you’ll find the Shortcuts.plist. This can be replaced with the Shortcuts.plist from your previous version, which can be found the same way in the most recent versions of Sketchup.
I hope this helps-

The auto migration of shortcuts is one of the unmentioned new features.
But you can still use the export shortcuts button and import them in.

@fordbailey, your advice will only achieve replacement of one set of ‘shipped’ shortcuts with the previous versions ‘shipped’ shortcuts…

Users shortcuts are kept in the User library location in a .json file, but need not be accessed as they automatically migrated…


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Oh- yes you’re quite right. I guess My shortcuts auto migrated and I thought I was doing it…
Thank you for the clarification.

I think I see what’s going on now. Personal keyboard shortcuts are migrated (great!) automatically. But I have certain actions mapped on to my mouse buttons and they don’t migrate it seems.

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Just to inform you.
If you export your preferences.dat file to your desktop, you can than change the .dat extension to .txt and open, examen and or edit the file in a tekst editor.
Afterwords you can change the extension back to .dat and import it into Sketchup again.

But those mouse actions aren’t set in SketchUp. They are set in the mouse driver for the specific application, SU2018 in your case.