Migrating to other computers (toolbars and settings)

Hello, I was looking how to migrate the toolbar and the preferences setting to another computer with the same SU version, or to a newer SU version. In the help center I find how to migrate shortcuts, plugins, components… but not the two things I am asking for. I also read it can be done by copying the registry or something like that… But I don´t know where to find it. I will appreciate any suggestion. Thanks in advance.

Although it might be done from the Registry, if you aren’t familiar with working inside the Registry, it’s not a good idea to go poking around in there.

There is no setting for automatically getting toolbars in a new version or on a different computer. Here are the steps I use for migratingto a new version or when adding SketchUp to a new computer.

You mention Preferences. Which preferences are you referring to specifically?

Thanks for answering. Your method looks very good, thanks. I was asking about the toolbar, because many times I use SU on the computer of the university and it erases all new created files every time it is shut down, so I set the main important things like the toolbar and the shortcuts every time I use one of that computer. It is not that bad, because setting up the things that I need its done in about 5 minutes. Although I was wondering if I could copy and paste a file, like with the shortcuts and the plugins, so that I can save a bit of time.

With preferences I was referring to some settings like the sections cut width and the auto save, but actually that is done in some seconds, the only thing that spends a bit more is the toolbar.