2019 to 2020 how i can keep all my setting

Hi ! I download the 2020 version. I have 2 licences, How can I update from 2019 to 2020 and keep all my setting at the office and home.
Thanks for you help

You can copy your custom materials, styles, and templates from one to the other. Do a fresh install of any extensions you might have. Do not copy extensions from an older version unless you enjoy chasing loading and other errors to make them work. As for toolbar placement, I make a screen shot of my Sketchup screen in the previous version and import it temporarily into the new version to use as a guide so I don’t have to switch back and forth between versions or look at a different screen. I save placing toolbars until after I’ve installed the extensions.

If you have extensions from Sketchucation and used the Sketchucation tool to install them in the previous version, you will have a bundle of extensions that can be installed automatically after you install the Sketchucation tool in the new version and log into your Sketchucation account. This will only work for those extensions that you installed as above but it can save you some time.

you can export and import your keyboard shortcuts via window -preferences-shortcuts.

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Generally shortcuts carry over these days. (on the same machine at least)


Thanks for your help Dave

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