Switching from 2018 to 2019

Hey guys, Im a 2018 SU user. When I bought it it entitled me to upgrade to 2019 when it came out. Im lazy. I never did. I did today find my 2019 license and auth code. I was able to install it. Now I have a 2018 and a 2019 on my computer. The computer is telling me that when I load a file if I save it using the 2019 it will forever be a 2019. Thats fine. I want to use any changes and updates on the platform.
So, if someone here may know, why did it not just replace the existing 2018 with 2019?
If I am able to morph the 2018 into 2019( sorry, no technical verbiage or skill possible) will my tool bars and such all go to the way I had them in 2018? Or need to go customize it all again?
Do I keep both programs on the computer? Can I move either of these to a new computer if and when I replace my current PC?
Thanks for any advice in laymans terms…lol.

New versions of SketchUp have always installed as a separate application independent of the previous version(s). This gives users an opportunity to continue working in the older version while they get the new one set up. In some cases extension authors might need a little time after a SketchUp version release to get their extensions updated. Leaving the old version allows users to continue using those extensions until the updates are released.

You’ll need to install fresh copies of any extensions you might have used and then you can set up your toolbars as desired. When I update to a new SketchUp version I make a screen shot of the old one and import that image into the new version to use as a reference for locating toolbars. If you have made a custom template or added custom material and component collections, you can transfer them over. The exact method depends on where you are keeping those collections, though.

Unless your computer is really tight on storage space you can leave 2018 alone for awhile. No real rush to uninstall it.

Awesome thanks Dave. What about moving 2018 to another computer?

I can’t remember on the old license. You might be able to do that if you first release the license from the old one. Look in the Help menu. You can install Sketchup 2019 on up to two machines with a standard license anyway. Might make more sense just to move on.

BTW, please complete your profile with Sketchup version, license, and graphics card. That information helps us help you.

cool will do thanks. Would I simply be able to down load 2018 and use the same numbers to install?

2018 and 2019 have different licenses so you can’t use the same number for both, if that is what you are asking.

You can download 2019 on the second machine and use the same license you used for 2019 on the current computer, though.

Thats basically what I meant. For some reason I thought of moving the 2018 but if files are 2019 then 2018 wont open them. Sorry I am too much a noob. I did just figure out how to show my sketch up version… Thanks for telling me to. How the heck do I find out what graphics card I have??? Sorry I am only a 9th grade educated woodworker…

Look on the desktop of your computer.

Edit since you changed the operating system from 7 to 10. In the lower left corner of the screen search for ‘System’. that should give you a window that lets you see what hardware is in your computer.

intel graphic HD 620 sound right??? LOL sorry man. If there is another place to ask such base questions please LMK. So funny. I have been using computers before commercially available computers were available. I remember my step dad and I building one from popular science back in '81. Then to play pong you needed to enter 5 hours of basic code to watch a 1/4" pixel square pong ball slowly move back and forth the screen. LOL. Sorry for my lack of everything. And many thanks for taking time to answer these questions. Aloha braddah.

That could be it.

No worries on where to ask. I expect you got it now. the only dumb questions are the ones that aren’t asked so don’t apologize. Go have some fun modeling your next project.

BTW, you sound a bit younger than I am. The first computer I ever used had a twelve tube nixie tube display and was programmed with punch cards we punched by hand. SketchUp was way different on that computer, I can tell you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:

If you upgrade to SU 2019, you will have the following benefits:

  • dashed lines between SketchUp / Layout, which is not essential.

and you will have the following disadvantages:

  • new bugs (it is true that there are now in every version, including 2018, the 2020 version being the worst).

  • almost permanent control of your license, with the need to reconnect, which is a constraint.

As usual, you are spreading disinformation. There were no licensing changes between v. 2018 and 2019. You need to go back at least 10 years for a version that doesn’t “call home” from time to time.

What is missing in this thread is that after you have activated a newer version of the software, the older version of the same license continues to work, but it cannot be moved to a new computer.

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Anssi is right, that 2019, 2020, and 2021, all have permanent licenses, if you had bought one. You are right, that 2019 was the first version that had subscription, but it was an option, not a replacement.

Subscription does require that you sign in again after 28 days, but both versions, including in 2018, require you to sign in when using the online features (3D Warehouse, Extension Warehouse, Add Location).

Maybe I was wrong, because I knew the 2019 and 2020 versions outside of my classic license ? In any case, I had a very bad experience with this licensing system which regularly checks the Trimble ID and … which did not keep it well on MacOS on the 2019 version … Thank you for your precision.

But, if it is quite understandable that only one version can be activated, why does the customer not have a choice of version ?

Yet you have been told many times

Sorry Mike, but on my Mac, I have Rhino 5 & Rhino 7 with regular license, I can run one or other version. Not exceptional policy.

My point is, I do not understand the limitation to do not choose to activate 2020 for example (with license rights) then deactivate and run 2018 for example. We had experienced bugs that are not fixed and underdevelopment. Some have experienced compatibility problems with extensions.

About LastSoftware and Google cool license (do you remember their pricing policy ?), at that time I changed computer often. I didn’t remember I loose my license with a new computer, or need to contact the sales service or technical service… never. At this time, there is only license number to enter to activate SketchUp and do not activate two times the application with wifi activated…

Thanks for your explanations.

Any version of SketchUp have already installed and have been working, will continue to work, if it has a Classic license. When you upgrade to the next version the old versions will continue to work. What changes is that when you come to install SketchUp on a new computer, only the latest one that you have activated can be activated on the new machine.

Thanks for that Colin. I was confused as both versions seem to work on this PC. And was wondering if I could put a copy of 2019 on my home computer. Answered that too ;^)
Excited to see what the construction lines are about. I use a plug in but they disappear when you delete guides. Just starting to work on layout. Pretty cool. Previously just sent 2d export jpegs to customers. So much to learn for sure. I really like SU but was really put out about the subscription only as I just bought the 2018 the year previously. $700 was a big purchase but well worth it. $300 a year just a tad over the top. I think for many guys like me that need basic drawing to convey ideas and get drawings for contracts may not need regular improvements as we don’t even use much of the software has to offer, i.e. animation. It’s all fascinating and cool. But obviously to be deft in SU would take some serious time commitment. Basic drawing of furniture I make and structures is all I really use it for. I have been working on some Japanese roof models for work and the curvilinear roofs are a challenge to visualize how to draw them. Learning SU seems very similar to learning any language in that you keep adding to your vocabulary and you continually become more fluent. Its really fun , like a video game for a woodworker.


Ok, but because of compatibility issues with extensions and bugs, it would be better that a user may install and activate the version of their choice on any computer

…which is another benefit of using a sign in as opposed to use a serial number. I can Install and run 2019, 2020 and 2021 on any machine of my liking with the subscription model. For older versions, I may be limited to the machines where it was once installed, but that part hasn’t changed since @last came up with this licensing system after dropping the floppy disc with the written serial number on it.