Downloading SketchUp Pro to new computer

I own SketchUp Pro (2019). Can someone tell me what I need to transfer it to my new computer? If I have to download it from Trimble, do I have to pay? Or is it possible to transfer along with all the other programs manually when I get a new machine?
Thank you

Download SU2019 Pro from Download All | SketchUp

You should be able to install it on the new computer and add your license as long as you still have an available machine. That means if you’ve already used the license on two machines, you need to remove it from at least one of them.

As for transferring, you should be able to copy any local components collections you’ve made along with styles and materials. As for extensions, install them fresh from their sources.


Thanks, Dave. Good to know.

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By license, you mean serial number? Thanks

If you have a Classic license, yes. Find the e-mail that was sent to you with that information or go to License Manager | SketchUp to find that information.

Hi again Dave,
Should I download the 2019 version (I have now) or the 2020 version to the new computer?

Do you have a license for 2020? If you only have a license for 2019, that’s what you should download.

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Got it - thanks

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I downloaded Pro to my new computer, which unfortunately I am returning for a replacement. Can I expect any troubles downloading it to my new machine when it arrives? Thanks

Did you install it and activate the license? If not, no problems. If you did, open SketchUp on it and remove the license.

Thanks, I removed my license. BUT I can still open a SU new file.

Probably because the trial period is still running.

It must have set me up with a trial automatically when I tried to open it again after removing the license - it is 2019 version. Anyway - I am in the clear for when I get the new machine?

Yes. When you installed 2019 on the new computer it started with the 30-day trial period.

I would probably uninstall SketchUp and of course remove anything you might have added in the User/AppData/SketchUp folders (textures, components, styles, etc.) but then you should be good.

Thanks. How is the uninstalling best done? Not good to drag and drop from the applications folder to the trash?

Oops! I forgot. You’re talking Mac.

User/Library/Application Support/…

I think just dragging SketchUp and LayOut out of Application Support should do it.

What are you going to get instead?

I’m getting a 16" MacBook Pro

What are you sending back?

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The same - it’s refurbished and the screen is flickering


Well hopefully the new one won’t do that.

Are you wedded to Mac?

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