Transferring Pro 2017 to a different computer


I’m using a new MacBook Pro after my previous one gave up with a lot of problems. After migration, SU recognizes that it’s a different computer and won’t open. The email says that I can contact technical support via an online form, but this link does not open. This email also has my Maintenance & Support Number, along with all my license details.

Please provide me with a way to communicate with a warm body to resolve this issue.


Did you uninstall it from the previous computer?

Does this link work for you?


I didn’t uninstall as I didn’t know it was going to go kaput.

The link helped. As soon as I’m up and running, I’ll be back in touch with you.


Sounds good. Normally uninstalling SU from one machine frees up the license to install it on another machine. If the old one is shot, they should be able to help you tet it freed up.


Hi Dave -

I’m up and running - good to go whenever you’re available. Evenings and weekends are always better for me. Thanks


Good enough, Craig. I’ll check with the boss and see what’s going on this weekend. The evenings this week are full up to the top.


That’s fine. FWIW, I do want to talk with you about financial reimbursement for your help.


We can do that when we talk.