Moving SU Pro License

I’ve been running SU Pro 2107 on a Mac laptop and a 2015 iMac for years. It’s now time to replace the iMac and I’d like to move the 2017 license to the new mac. In SU on the old iMac, I go to File/License… and click on the remove license button. Nothing happens. At the bottom of the window it says it couldn’t connect to the license server. My email, web browsers and all that work fine, so I know there is a good internet connection.

Is there another way to transfer the license? I suppose this is similar to the case where my old computer died. How would I do the transfer then?

@colin has reported that there is an issue that is being looked into regarding this but keep in mind the old web browser version that SketchUp 2017 uses will be problematic. Also it was announced some time ago that all web-based services for older versions of SketchUp would no longer be supported.

Although you are no longer entitled to support, Colin might be able to release your license manually when he gets to work on Monday.

Unfortunately, adding a license is broken as well.

I have added a link to this topic to the bug report, to remind myself to come back and say when the problem is fixed.

We fixed the add license side of this problem last week, but the remove license part was failing for a couple of versions of SketchUp. That should work ok now.

Great. Thanks much Colin.


I am having the same problem. I can’t remove and add on our Pro 2016 licenses. Can you help?