License / Subscription Transfer to new computer

I am about to wipe the drive on my old MacBook Pro. My license seems to have transferred to the new MacBook with the transfer of my applications. Is there something I need to do to uninstall SketchUp on the old machine to preserve my open second station, available through my SketchUp Pro License?

no, nothing.

SInce 2021 and the end of the subscription, licenses are not machine-bound, simply log-in will give permission for 30 days on a specific machine.

You can simply connect on two machines at a time, just disconnect from the old one, and you’re good (you can also disconnect everything from your account at any time)

even if you don’t, it’ll disconnect you within 30 days, as usual.

Thank you for such a quick & easy response. I really need to get this out of my hair. :pray: