Need to find installation version of sketchup Pro 2018 to put on my new laptop and use with old license

I have a working, licensed version of 2018 Pro 64 (18.0.16975) on my old laptop but want to put it on my new machine to use with the existing license - can’t seem to find a reliable download of the software to use and not really willing to go out into virus land to try some of the versons on the net. Any advice on where to find one?

As it stands you have already activated your 2019 license, and that has the effect of deactivating the 2018 license. 2018 installed on a machine already will continue to work, but the expectancy is that if you are putting SketchUp onto a new machine, you would use 2019.

Is there a reason not to use 2019?

I do most of my work in 2019 but I have a lot of add ins and interfacing with energy+ and other tools. I I often test my work product (saved as 2018) to ensure that work product is properly accessible in 2018 as I have a client that still uses 2018. This is why I like to have both versions…