Upgraded to 2023 - Lost my Extensions

Hi, All

Took the plunge…regret it.

PC user here, how would one go about getting the extensions from 2022 to 2023. Most of them are official and are in the warehouse, but a lot of the useful ones are not…

Is there a quick way to get them copied from the 2022 folder and paste in 2023?



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You didn’t actually lose the extensions. Unless you deleted the folder they are in for the older version of SketchUp, they are still there. Each version of SketchUp installs as a separate program. It’s not like some other software that overwrites the old version with the new.

If you copy your extensions from the older version to the new one be prepared to chase load errors. Some extensions may need to be updated to the latest versions and some will require that they be installed correctly, not just copied from one folder to another.

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Yeah, I sussed they’d be buried away somewhere… Just bloody annoying that it doesn’t carry the stuff over from one version to the next. If it wasn’t for you guys here, I’d be boned…

Another side effect of the upgrade… All the tools on screen are really big… like at least twice the size they were…

Is there a setting somewhere to adjust this?



Thank you.

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I expect that feature would be added if they could somehow force users to keep their extensions up to date.

If you install the latest version of the Sketchucation ExtensionStore tool first you can use it to install your bundle of extensions from Sketchucation. You can go to My Downloads in the Extension Warehouse window and install the extensions you got from there. Doing that ensures you have the latest versions of them. It also gives you a chance to do some housecleaning and get rid of extensions you don’t use.

That’s not a new thing. Go into View>Toolbars and turn off Large Icons.

Ahh… OK.

It’s not the icons that are big, but the actual on screen tool, if that makes sense… So I’ve got a large black arrow, or pencil, or paint bucket.

Deffo weren’t that big before - just checked against 2022 and it’s more than twice the size…

You’re talking about the cursors? I’m not seeing any change from previous versions with them. Try updating your graphics drivers. What display scaling are you using?

Display scale is as recommended… no change between this and 2022…

Drivers are up to date.

Cursers look like they’re off a kid’s package.

Sometthings weird on your end.Here’s what I see for cursors in SU2023 on my PC. Same as they’ve always been.



It’s trivial, so of course it is doing my head in…

I get that. But where is it coming from? I wonder if there’s some extension responsible. If so, where can I get that extension? :smiley:
Screenshot - 2_27_2023 , 3_55_37 PM

(Diner: Waiter. There’s a fly in my soup.
Waiter: Please. Not so loud. Everyone will want one.)

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@trent do you see anything in the later messages in this topic, that sound like problems we know about? From about post 6 onwards.

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Wow, no, this is not something that we have seen before.
You do not see the large cursors in other applications or outside the SU window?


Have you tried the Windows personalization settings. I switched to this after getting a 4K monitor:


Nope. It’s literally just SU and only on 2023… As the pics show, that was a side by side with 2022…