New Sketchup 2022 installed does not have all features as 2021

Installed SketchUp 2022 latest version but all features are gone, extensions, short cuts, etc.

Did try to uninstall/delete 2021 SketchUp but I cannot, it stands that there is a newer version and it cannot be deleted.

What to do? I cannot share files with my colleges because we have different versions : ((

see this thread:

In short: nothing has dissapeared, it is still there in SketchUp 2021…

Indeed, all features & stuff does exist in version 2021, but I need to update to 2022 to share projects with my colleges…HOW to update & keep the same settings/features with extensions & others?

Extensions do not transfer from year to year, they will need to be re-installed. Your shortcuts should have transferred over and be working in SU22. If you had a shortcut for an extension it won’t do anything until you install that extension.

Both 21 and 22 can exist on your machine, why delete 21? You could continue to use it.

The 21 and 22 format should be compatible , no?

Thank you for the answers, did try to read the link posted but it is so long and did not see any solution

I deleted the 2022 version & will keep working in 2021…BUT but colleges will need to save their projects in version 2021 just to let me use their files

I hope someone has a quick solution, installing all extensions will take me months and that is not the point!. When updating program versions it should be possible to keep the features.

To be quiet honest I do not remember how I did it from earlier SketchUp version when updating. I just hope I do not need to reinstall everything.

You really do need to take a few minutes to understand the software you are using.

SketchUp 2021 will open SketchUp 2022 files.

You’re doing something wrong if it will take you months to install fresh copies of the extensions. You can copy them from the older version but be prepared to spend time chasing loading errors due to incorrectly install and/or out of date extensions. Best to load them frsh from their sources. This should not take you more and a few minutes.

You would have installed the extensions again.


There is no “solution” for this. Re-installing extension in each new version of SketchUp has always been and will continue to be. 3rd party ruby code needs to be added to each new version of SketchUp. The best way to do this is to reinstall your extensions, taking this opportunity to clean house and get rid of unused ones.

did you try this? Since the new file format was introduced files are now backward compatible. No downsaving should be necessary from 22 to 21.


The solution is clear, install your extensions fresh from the warehouse and Sketchucation.
This should not take longer then a few hours…

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It shouldn’t even take an hour to do if it’s being done correctly.

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Thank you every1, I know you all trying to help, appreciated.

As pointed out, I do not need to change version right now as 21 & 22 are compatible.

Chasing all extensions installed is just the last thing I want to do besides finding licenses, etc, but mainly due to the time (hours) that it would/might take. Stress with deadlines is enough to add more to it.

I rests my case & hope SketchUp finds a better & friendly way to update their versions.

It really doesn’t need to be as difficult a task as you are making it out to be. It takes me about 15 minutes max to set up a new version of Sketchup including fresh installation of all externsions.

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Have you been in the ext. warehouse lately? Something has changed, there is no batch download anymore. It takes longer going to each page, download and back to the list. Sketchucation rules when it comes time for batch downloads.

Yes. That’s been gone for a long time. It would be nice if they’d bring it back. Still doesn’t take me long to set up a new version.

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Although I do not agree everything there…here is the “official” method how to migrate from old to to new version:

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