Sketchup Pro 2022 Upgrade

Hi All,

I have just installed the 2022 upgrade & got a warning that I was signed in too many devices or versions as soon as I tried to use the 2022 version. I duly signed out of the previous version & managed to sign in and get the 2022 version running.

To my surprise my template has disappeared & even worse all the plugins & customisations are gone.

Has anyone had this problem before & is there a fix?


There are several threads on this topic already. Do a search to see the solution.

No they aren’t. Each version of SketchUp installs as a separate program. Unless you uninstalled the previous version, it’s still there.

For your template the easiest way to get it is probably to open it in the previous version, save it where you can find it, open it in SU2022 and immediately save it as a template. You can also locate it in the previous version’s User/AppData/Roaming templates folder and copy it to the new one.

As for extensions, the best policy is to install them fresh from their sources. That will ensure you get the latest versions of the extensions and that they are installed correctly. It’ll also give you an oppotunity to do some house keeping and leave out extensions you don’t use anyway. You could copy them from the older installation but then you will likely spend a bunch of time chasing and fixing loading errors. Depends on how you want to spend your time.


Surely, if Trimble cannot fix the migration of extensions on upgrade, they can find some help with this. It’s not as if it’s something that lots of other software publishers don’t know how to do. Having to install all extensions fresh on every upgrade is just amateurish.


There are good reasons why it is this way.
They have been explained over and over again in this forum.
It is not that hard to do and only costs some time, wich is counted under “cost of doing business”.

The reasons have been explained, many times. Calling them good, however, is an abuse of the term “good”. Software with far more complex problems related to plugins or extensions can handle this. I have about 20 installed extensions, a few of which I have developed myself (with JetBrains tools, btw, if you want an example of a software publisher that has solved this in a vastly more complex ecosystem)


What do you mean by this?

How do you think Trimble should deal with migrating these?
How will Trimble know that these will work with the new SU version?
How even You will know that these will work with the upcoming SU version?
If you were in place of Trimble, would you take responsibility for these extensions?

Extensions provided natively with the SU - Dynamic Components, Sandbox Tools, Trimble Connect, Advanced Camera Tools (No longer there in 2022) - always migrated.

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Just look at software like any of the JetBrains tools. They have thousands of plugins/extensions that follow software upgrades without a hitch. Look at any development platform, for that matter. VSCode, Atom, they all have the exact same problems to handle and do so with no or minimal effort from the user.

I’m not sure (don’t have the time to find out) but I guess this is software with extensions made by and maintained by the vendor. No wonder that it works…
As said many times before, SketchUp extensions are made and owned by different people (hobbyists as well as professionals and companies) and not by SketchUp. That is the big difference!

As long as they are packaged the same way as any in the extension store, they can migrate to new versions of Sketchup exactly the same way as anything else. It’s not as if the installation process itself is very technically demanding.
Why should Trimble take responsibility for any third party components at all?
You’re painting loads of stuff as problematic that has been solved, quite literally, hundreds of times by other software publishers.
Sure, it may not be very much work if you have a few extensions, but any and all effort that has to be put into something that could quite easily be solved by automation is way to much effort. If you have a lot of extensions, it really is a pain in the â– â– â– â– .

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God almighty, I got nanny censored! Sorry for the four black squares, apparently adults aren’t supposed to be able to handle adult language in this forum :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I have no issues with adult language, but this forum is open to anyone. As this is not about “adult” subjects, I am all for it remaining open.

My comment was intended as tongue in cheek. That said, I think the censoring of specific choices of words is ridiculous, but I understand it’s an integral part of the english-speaking cultures.

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It is technically really easy, in almost any programming language, to write a program that copies the contents of the Plugin folder into the new Plugin folder.
I could do it if I wanted to. This would work for most extensions. But with some extensions that don’t work, there will come up with user questions: “Why doesn’t this or that work … it’s like other extensions, isn’t it?”

As you mentioned, you wrote some extensions. So let’s go, write your own migration tool (how easy it is :wink:), share with us!

In addition, however, I fully agree that EWH should handle the migration much better, as it did before…:innocent:

…or for example, as ExtensionStore | SketchUcation does.

I guess this is automated too…

I rest my case…

I’m curious as to which other software allows for migration of third party plug-ins to migrate to upgraded versions without verification they actually work?

Sounds like a really bad business plan to me. Why would anyone take on that liability?

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I would second this - without a way to actually verify all third party extensions have been updated to work with the new version, it would be irresponsible of SketchUp to simply provide a button to “copy all” into the new version.

That said, it’s really simple to do this if that’s really what you want - just copy the contents of your old plugins folder to the new version’s folder. Just be prepared to deal with all the errors that come along with this :slight_smile:

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I’m not on 2022 yet. Is Advanced Camera Tools no longer supported, or just not installed by default?

Not installed by default, because it would bloat the new search tool with it’s enormous list of supported lenses…

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Funnily, if you install Advance Camera Tools from EW, the search feature seems to cope quite well with showing the lenses.

I don’t know what the reason was the extension is not bundled anymore, but I will pass on that the EW entry ought to be marked as 2022 compatible.