Installing new versions

Just installed the latest version of SketchUp and…the usual problems:

  • Firstly, I appear to be on a 30 day trial - see below. Odd, as I have a subscription. What will happen after 30 days?
  • All, and I mean all, my extensions have disappeared. I must have had 15-20 extensions - including VRay, which I am currently trialling. I’ve tried migrating some, as per SU help/guidance, but that doesn’t work either.
  • Customised toolbar: my arrangement completely gone, needs doing again (fortunately I’ve saved a screenshot of my last arrangement
  • Preferences: all my shortcuts reverted to default settings. Needs doing again
  • There are no doubt other things which I’ve yet to discover.


The 30 day trial thing is just baffling but, hopefully, easily fixed.

The other things? Come on Trimble, get a grip, this is basic, rudimentary stuff. The extensions: surely they can fix it so they automatically transfer from the previous version. Toolbar and preferences should be a doddle (British for very easy).

I can’t tell you how utterly annoying this is when Trimble issue a new version – have they no concern for their end users and their need to carry one as before? If they haven’t got a fix, make it VERY CLEAR in the installation notes that it’s going to be a right royal pain in the ■■■■ getting everything back to what it was minutes before the new version is installed. It’s ridiculous!

If your subscription is up to date, you only need to sign in.

No they haven’t. Each major version of SketchUp installs as a new application. The extensions are still there in your previous version of SketchUp. To make sure you have the latest versions of the extensions installed correctly, install them fresh from the source in SketchUp 2022.

Help does not recommend migrating extensions from an older version. You can copy them from the oder version if you are prepared to chase loading errors. As above, best practice is to install fresh, up to dat copies from their sources.

Yes. Once you’ve installed your extensions, set up uyour toolbars. Should be pretty quick to do. I always import the screen shot of my toolbar layout from the previous version to use as a guide. Makes it quick and easy.

The keyboard shortcuts should have been read from the previous version if you installed SketchUp correctly.


And your current version is unaffected by the new version so you can carry on working until you wish to move fully to the nrw version.

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