Cannot uninstall Sketchup Pro 2021

Hey, I have installed Sketchup Pro version 2022. I want to uninstall Sketchup Pro 2021. When I do this using this option:

1. Click the Start (Windows logo) menu > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > SketchUp #.
2. To uninstall SketchUp, select Uninstall. When asked if you’d like to remove SketchUp, click Yes .

…the installer start and tells me that there is a newer version of Sketchup already installed on my system and that the installation can not continue. I can, at that point, only exit the installer.

What am I doing wrong?

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Uninstall 2022 first, then 2021, then reinstall 2022 back

Nothing. It’s a newly discovered bug. See:


I just spent 2 hours installing all extensions, import old shortcuts, place all toolbars in the pixel perfect position on my second screen and now have to uninstall it?
There’s no way around it? like a hard way to uninstall 2021? delete all “system files” whatever way.

If you installed extensions in the correct location they won’t be affected by uninstalling SketchUp. They will still be there when you reinstall.

Well, why not just let it lie? It is only taking some disk space. Is your disk so full that uninstalling one application makes a big difference?

If the correct location is opening extension manager, click on install extension select it from a folder on my HD. then yes…

I would but having problems with old files not using the new SU to open when double click. tryed to use open with and select the “always use this app on skp files” but keeps opening with 2021.
Also keeping it there is not a great solution is it?

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Then they are in a user directory, not in Programs or Program FIles so the Uninstaller leaves them alone.

Out of curiosity how many extensions do you have? Two hours installing them and setting up toolbars seems like it’s much longer than it ought to be.

Not that many… well, I opened the manager now just to count them. it shows 46 including Trimble connect and the ones that come already on sketchup. I took me some time for 2 reasons. deciding wich ones I definetly need. trying to not install stuff that I downloaded “just to try”. and because i am very picky with my workspace

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It’s good to take a little time to think about which extensions you could maybe leave out.

For extensions from Sketchucation the Sketchucation Extension Store tool makes installing them nearly automatic.

Before I set up my work space I make a screen shot of the previous version which I import into the new one so I have a reference for where to put my toolbars without having to switch applications or look at another screen.

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Shortcuts should carry over automatically.

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In the end it was smooth enough. only need to re install vray. hopefully one day we will be able to save our workspace on SU. Or even have several different ones like photoshop.

I just posted the comments below on another thread, but it is very applicable here;
The migration issue is one that won’t go away. Yes, you have made valid comments about extension that a never used and house keeping is an on going matter. BUT, a global migration routine should be looked at. I take a screen(s) shot of all three screens to remind me of the extension, tray & toolbar locations and content. I modify tray and toolbars (both in SU & LO) to suit my workflow and rebuilding this on each fresh install take hours to do properly. And don’t even talk to me about Windows not remembering where things are placed. Perhaps the answer is a third-party app that gives the user the option of saving ALL preferences (shortcuts, toolbars, trays, extension, etc.). I’d buy that all day long.

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As a viable work-around to the uninstall bug, try this;

  1. Go to the 2021 folder and rename Sketchup.exe as Sketchup_old.exe (this is obviously reversible)
  2. Double click on any .skp file to invoke Sketchup app
  3. W10 will ask you to assign an app for this file type. Navigate to the install folder for 2022
  4. Click of the Sketchup.exe file in that folder

This won’t uninstall the 2021 app but the familiar double click on the .skp file will work. The same procedure will work for Layout as well.

The actual removal of 2021 may be done in several ways (if disk space or general housekeeping is important to you). You might investigate a 3rd party removal app for do some open heart surgery on your registry (not for the faint hearted). Or, perhaps Trimble will come up with something in the future.

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