Can't Uninstall SU 2021`


I just downloaded 2023 while I still had 2022 and 2021 installed, which I have decided to remove as my machine seems to be confused about what version of SU to use when opening SU or LO files.

I managed to uninstall 2022 as usual with no hiccups.

However I am now getting the error “A later version of ‘Sketchup Pro 2021’ is already installed on this machine. The setup cannot continue”

I have tried uninstalling from add/remove programmes, as well as with this method: Uninstalling or repairing SketchUp | SketchUp Help - same issue.

The guide says to remove license first:

"If you are uninstalling SketchUp permanently from your computer, be sure to remove your license first. Open SketchUp, click the License tab in the Welcome Window, then click the Remove License button."

However no such tab or options are available. There is a “licensing” button, not tab, and Manage Subscription takes me back to the website where i just a subscription for all pro products.

Please help!

There have been various Forum entries on this recently, and I encountered exactly the same problem too.
Unfortunately, you will probably need to reinstall SU2022 and get it running, then log out of your Trimble account through SU2022, uninstall 2022 and retry uninstalling 2021. That should work. There was a glitch in the uninstall code of 2021 that causes this.

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Make a shortcut to the 2021 installer - which you can download from here

Right click it and edit the target so it says -remove -silent

in my example I’ve put the installer straight into the C:
I’ve right clicked and chosen “create shortcut”
and then put the -remove -silent on the end
C:\SketchUpPro-2021-1-332-116.exe -remove -silent

Alternatively, you can paste that into an admin elevated cmd prompt

Run the shortcut or the cmd prompt and it it will uninstall invisibily without complaining - this will save having to remove any other versions


This is the best solution. After uninstalling, check the control panel to see it has been removed.

Brilliant! Thanks for the info. I was dreading having to uninstall SU22 just to uninstall SU21 especially with all the plug-ins and customizations I have.

Wow. Thanks very much for such a simple solution!

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