Unable to uninstall SketchUp Pro 2021 after 2022 install

After installing SketchUp Pro 2022, it’s not possible to uninstall SketchUp Pro 2021.
When following the uninstall instructions, an error appears.
Uninstalling SketchUp | SketchUp Help

A later version of 'SketchUp Pro 2021' is already installed on this machine. The
setup cannot continue.

Trying to download and run the SketchUp Pro 2021 again (trying to solve this problem), gives the same error message.

Just as an aside: Unless you are very short of disk space, there is no hurry to uninstall version 2021. I have more than one older version left on my machine.

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Nobody? I’d really like to be able to uninstall SketchUp 2021.
There’s no reason to have 2 versions installed, and I have limited SSD storage space.

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When you originally installed 2021, and when you recently installed 2022 did you use the correct method? That being selecting the installer .exe and right clicking and choosing Run as Administrator. This is different to being signed in as an admin.

If you didn’t install this way you may be able to resolve your issues by uninstalling 2022. This may allow you to reinstall 2021 correctly and uninstall it, then Install 2022.
All done with rebooting between actions.

Don’t worry, I know the answer…

There is a defect in the 2021 installer, where instead of checking to see if a later 2021.x is installed, it mistakingly checks for anything that is later than 2021.0. So, 2022.0 is seen by the 2021 installer as being a later version of 2021, and not an entire new version.

The work around is to uninstall 2022, uninstall 2021, reinstall 2022. Your workspace and plugins will still be ok.

We’re not going to go back and release an updated 2021 installer to solve the problem, so I think the work around is the only option.


Thank you for confirming that this is a bug in the installer.
I followed your workaround to uninstall 2021.

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Isn’t that the same as I suggested.

It is quite similar to your second suggestion, along with an explanation. It took another read to see that you had made two suggestions.

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I didn’t need you to give me the tick, I was just curious if there was something different to what I had said.