Unistall sketchup pro2021

Hi everyone
I have a problem with sketchup pro 2021.
I have recently installed version 2022, and I wanted to uninstall version 2021 but it didn’t work.
When I go to uninstall, a dialog box opens telling me that it is not possible to uninstall because a later version is already installed. Why i can’t unistall? if i try to unistall 2022 version, the programm tell me the same thing. So, now i can’t unistall whatever.

thank you,

It is a known bug with the uninstaller in version 2021. If you want to get rid of 2021 you must uninstall 2022 first, then uninstall 2021 and finally reinstall 2022. Or leave is as it is. They won’t release a new version of 2021 for this.

Topic starter says this is giving the same error…

At the moment I would try repairing both installations, restarting the computer and starting again, this time from version 2022.