I have classic 2021, if I uninstall what do I have to do license-wise to re-install it?

It’s been asked many times over the years but I can’t be arsed to do a forum search…

I’m trying to troubleshoot clicking on a SketchUp file and having it open with 2023, so I want to uninstall all my SketchUp versions and then re-install 2023 back first, and then I want to re-install my classic license 2021.

Do I need to deauthorise 2021 on my machine and if so how?



When I try to uninstall 2021…


I get this…


I then downloaded the 2021 21.1.332.116 installer and still the same.


In 2021, go to help>manage licensing. A window will open allowing you to remove the license.

When I try to uninstall 2021…
You will have to remove 2023 first.

Thanks Dave.

I was able to uninstall my other SketchUp versions without uninstalling 2023 first.

So it seems that 2021 was actually no longer on my system but was still showing in Installed Apps.

I went into the registry and found the entry for 2021 and deleted it – so now I just have 2023 on my machine.

I had to do an open with / always to associate my files with 2023 and issue seemingly solved…

For the license part, only the latest Classic version of a license that you have activated, can be activated on a future new machine. So, you may as well not remove any licenses on this machine. 2021 will rediscover its 2021 license when you reinstall 2021. If at some point you have to do something that only works in 2019, for example, you could install 2019 on this machine, and it would find its old license.

And yes, to reinstall 2021 you would need to uninstall 2022 and/or 2023.

What a nightmare!

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