How do I update my fredo6 Library

I installed the fredo6 Library some time ago and now it says there is an update for this library but I am not sure how to update the library aside from uninstalling it and then reinstalling the updated version. Is this the best way to get the newer version?

Get the most current versions of Fredo6’s extensions at Sketchucation. The easiest way to keep them up to date is to have installed the Sketchucation Extension Store and use it to install extensions from Sketchucation. Then check the tool periodically for updates and install them automatically.

What version of SketchUp are you using? What operating system and graphics card. Please complete your profile.

How do you install the Sketchucation Extension Store? Is it an extension? I’ve always downloaded them from Sketchucation directly, but I feel like there’s got to be an easier way to keep things updated within Sketchup itself.

There is.

The Sketchucation Extension Store is available from SketchUcation.

Download it. In SketchUp go to Extension Manager and click on Install Extension. Then navigate to where you saved the file, select it, and click Open.


One detail @DaveR omitted that you might or might not already know: you have to create an account on SketchUcation before you can download anything. It tells you this farther down the page he has open in the screenshot. The account costs nothing and obligates you to nothing, it just set you up to take advantage of their resources.


I made the assumption that Tyson would figure that out or is already a member at Sketchucation but thank you for mentioning it.


Yeah, I too assumed that. I commented because often another reader will come along and complain that they can’t get things from SketchUcation without creating an account. They assume (wrongly) that only the paid premium accounts exist.


Thanks for helping and for the extra detail : ) Adding in those extra steps in the documentation is really helpful imo