Update for Fredo6 Plugins

I need to Update the LibFredo6 plugin and FredoSpline.plugin. I don’t know how to do that exactly. Can I get some help from all you experts out there? I would greatly appreciate it.

Go to Sketchucation and click on the Pluginstore link at the top right of the page. Search for the extensions you want to update, download them and then use Install Extension under Window>Extension Manager to install them.

Better would be to install the Sketchucation Extension Store tool and use it to download and install extensions from Sketchucation. After you’ve used it to install extensions from there, it will keep track of extensions that need updating and you can batch update them. Much easier than manually downloading and installing each extension.

See this:

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When I open SU the Fredo Plugin checker tells me I need to update LibFredo6 (10.8 to 11.2) & Animator (2.7a to 2.8a) so I used the SketchUcation extension to update them but when I check in Extension Manager to update, it says it’s up-to-date (can’t update - red circle). Do I need to uninstall the ones I have currently installed & reinstall them or something? Can’t get FredoGuides to install at all either. I just get the “needs updating” message for it. I suspect some are installed in the SU plugin folder & some in my users (custom) folder. Could this be causing the issue?

You might need to update the Sketchucation extension but there’s nothing to stop you from searching for LibFredo6 and Animator and clicking the Install button. You shouldn’t need to uninstall previous versions.

You should always install extensions into the User/AppData/Roaming/…/SketchUp/Plugins folder. It’s not a good idea to install them into the Plugins folder in ProgramData. If you ever have a reason to reinstall or repair SketchUp, that file may be overwritten and you’ll lose what you installed there.

Did you install SketchUp by right clicking on the installer and selecting Run as administrator?

Thanks @DaveR, don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier but I just checked in my Program Data/Plugins folder & moved LibFredo6 to my Users/AppData/Roaming folder, which is where it was already but obviously SU must override if also in Program Data folder…learnt something at least. Don’t know how it ended up there, must of used Extension Manager to install it at sometime or something silly. I think I updated my SketchUcation plugin, but tricky to tell to be honest. Extension Manager tells me I’m using 3.1.8 so hopefully it’s updated now. The way I see it, that’s about all Extension Manager is good for…lol.

I don’t believe Extension Manager would have put LibFredo6 into ProgramData/… More likely you selected it in the Choose Folder window that pops up when you use the Sketchucation tool. Always best to install extensions in the User/AppData/… directory.

3.1.8 is currently the latest version.

You can use it to disable extensions you might not use often enough to justify their loading every time you start SketchUp. You can do that in the Sketchucation tool, too, as well as load extensions temporarily. You can also update or uninstall extensions you get from the Extension Warehouse so it has more use than you might think.

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I probably did put it there by mistake, but what I actually meant with the override bit was if it is in both folders, Extension Manager will default to SketchUp’s folder as the installed version. As I had stupidly installed it in both, according to Extension Manager it was installed, but obviously wouldn’t work because it was the only Fredo6 plugin file in there. Live and learn I say. Cheers.

Just opened SketchUp & Fredo6 update checker tells me Fredo6 Animator needs updating from 2.7a to 2.8 but when I open Extension Manager it has no problem with version 2.7a…no update required according to it. Fredo6 is installed in my Users/AppData/Roaming folder & not in SU’s ProgramData folder. I think Extension Manager needs an update…lol.

Fredo6 mainly hosts his extensions at Sketchucation, not in the Extension Warehouse. You can either go to SketchUcation and download the extension (make sure you get the current LibFredo6, too) but you should have been using the Sketchucation tool which would then make it easier to update your extensions from there. See the link I posted above.
I’ve repeated it here.

I just downloaded it from SketchUcation & manually updated it, but I noticed my SketchUcation plugin needed updating too. All fixed. These plugin managers don’t seem to be managing much these days…lol.

I wonder what you are expecting. If you are using the Sketchucation tool to install extensions from SCF, it’ll let you know that there are updates to install. Again, see my post about this. The Extension Manager will help you keep extensions from the Extension Warehouse up to date. Between them you should be able to keep most all of your extensions up to date. If you are expecting them to just automatically update extensions without your input, they won’t do that. People would complain that the updates are being rammed down their throats.


I guess it’s just as easy to install them directly into the appropriate folders myself considering the number of time I’ve visited those folder lately. Save myself some posts…lol. Thanks for the help.

Suit yourself. Using the Sketchucation tool and Extension Manager there’s no need to access the Plugins folder at all. The tools take care of it for you. And as I wrote in that post I linked to (which it would appear you’ve ignored) the extensions from Sketchucation that have been installed using the Sketchucation tool get collected into a bundle which can be automatically installed when you go to the next version of SketchUp or update to a new computer. Since you are installing them manually I anticipate you’ll be back after the 2021 release asking how to install Fredo6’s extensions without having to download and install them one at a time.

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