Fredo6 need update

I need to update this Plugin from Fredo6. Can someone help me with this?

I’m not sure how to do it. Is Fredo6 RoundCorner the same as FredoCorner?

No. Fredo corner is a newer variant. You can download them from the sketchUcation plugin store, or directly in SketchUp if you have sketchUcation’s plugin manager installed.

Do I keep both or uninstall Fredo6 Fredo Corner or Fredo6 Round Corner? Are they both the same? I have both installed. I’m confused.

Keep both. They do some things differently and there are some cases where one will work but not the other. Even Fredo6 suggests keeping them both.

FredoCorner and RoundCorner are two independent extensions. They both perform essentially the same job; the newer FredoCorner has additional features as compared to the earlier RoundCorner extension.

I don’t know if there are good reasons to keep both extensions installed on a given SketchUp installation. My guess is that if you have FredoCorner, then the older RoundCorner is not really necessary. On the other hand, keeping both installed - if that is your current situation - will probably do no harm (other than make you face the occasional choice of which to use).

[Edited to add that I now see @DaveR’s reply, which points out there are reasons to keep both.]

It says FredoCorner has an update available. How do I update just FredoCorner or LibFredo6 10.3b - 30 Apr 20?

I’m not sure how to update just the extension.

Fredo6 update.png

Go to Sketchucation and either download those extensions (FredoCorner) (LibFredo6 had an update today) and install them through Extension Manager>Install Extension or better, install the Sketchucation Extension Store tool and then use it to install the latest versions of the extensions.