Latest fredo corner on sketchup 2020

Hi all,

Just now, I got a notification that fredo corner was out of date and I had to update it. I downloaded fredocorner 2.2a, tried to install it and nothing happened. I then uninstalled the existing installation, tried to reinstall it and still nothing happened.
any ideas why this happens?

(I have sketchup 2020 might this be the reason? and if so, is there a way with subscription to keep both 20 and 21 because it is always a hustle to install all the plugins to the latest version and always some are not compatible for months -or ever-

also: fredo plugins are the only ones that I know of that don’t let you use them unless you update to the latest release. is there a way to circumvent that?

have you updated LibFredo too?

What exactly do you mean by “nothing happened”? That’s extremely vague.

As Cotty asked, did you also update LibFredo6?

Fredo6’s extensions work just fine in SU2020 but not only do you need to update the extension, you need to also update LibFredo6.

Your profile says you are using SU2018. Perhaps you can update that.

If you would install the Sketchucation Extension Store tool, it would make updating the extensions you get from Sketchucation easier. It would also make it easier to install those extensions when you switch from one version to the next.

What extensions are you finding that aren’t compatible. It sometimes takes authors a week or two to catch up after a release but it does tend to happen rather quickly. Generally if an extension isn’t made compatible with a new version the author has stopped supporting it. There’s nothing you can do about that. There is no requirement for extension authors to maintain their extensions.

Don’t use Fredo6’s extensions? It really shouldn’t be a big problem to keep your extensions updated. Look on the bright side, Fredo is actively maintaining and improving his extensions all the time and you haven’t paid a cent for them.