Cannot use LibFredo extensions in SketchUp Make for Mac

Downloaded SketchUp Make and I want to use the RoundCorner tool, but I installed LibFredo6 extensions and they aren’t appearing anywhere. No toolbar for the or plugins dropdown menu or anything. You would think I didn’t install them. Cannot figure out an answer to this.

Did you also install RoundCorner? How did you go about downloading and installing the files?

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Did you check in SketchUp->Preferences->Extensions to make sure that the extensions are both installed and enabled? For unknown reasons, some extensions have to be manually enabled after installation, and some require a restart of SketchUp before they “take”.

I downloaded the LibFredo6 library? I need to download RoundCorner
separately? And I can’t do it without paying a monthly fee to be a member
of Sketchucation?

Why not?

What did you do with it after you downloaded it?

Yes. Libfredo6 is a collection of support files for a number of Fredo’s extensions.

As Cotty asked, why not?

I am clicking ‘download’ and nothing is happening. See screenshot.

What do you see when you look in the Downloads folder? Is it there?

Why don’t you download and install the SCF Plugin Store and use it to automatically install extensions from SCF? the instructions for installing it are given on the page. You could also use that set of instructions for installing Round Corner once you have the RBZ file in the Downloads folder.

Finally figured it out. Thanks everyone.