Installing RoundCorner Extension

Hi, there!

My SketchUp version is 19.2.221. I have successfully managed to download and install the LibFredo6_v9.rbz extension. My problem is that even though SketchUp says its installed, I cant seem to find the Round Corner tool in the toolbox, pull it up in SketchUp, and actually use it. Please tell me what I could be doing wrong! Thanks!


So you have installed LibFredo6 but have you also installed Round Corner?

What “toolbox” are you referring to?

If you are trying to access it through a menu, it would be found in Tools>Fredo Collection

@DaveR If Libfredo6 is installed shouldn’t it be showing in the extension manager? It’s not showing in the Ops image…

@MariaLebedev one topic is enough, multiple cause confusion.

I can’t see the image.

How was LibFredo6 installed and from what source?

LibFredo6_v9.rbz was installed through SketchUcation. I installed Clothworks through SketchUcation as well, and it was the only extension that actually installed.

I also downloaded RoundCorner_v3.3a.rbz through SketchUcation, and it was the only extension that was actually installed successfully.

Did you quit and restart SketchUp after installing the extension? Some extensions don’t “take” until a restart.

Thanks! I’ll try that!

You should always restart SketchUp after installing any complex Extension - particularly those which use a supporting ‘Lib’…

If it’s still a mess after a restart, try reinstalling the Lib from its RBZ again.

Are you still using a MAC as in your Profile details?
These are usually relatively foolproof, however try reinstalling SketchUp after you ensure that SketchUp is closed - a half-baked installation can happen otherwise !

On a PC incorrectly installing SketchUp itself can cause weird permission problems.
It must be installed by selecting the PC version’s installer exe file and in the right-click context-menu choosing “Run as administrator” - if it’s already installed choose “Repair” when prompted.
However with Fredo’s Lib you can create a set of PC preference files with bad permissions, which then continue even after SketchUp has be fixed !
In this case, Close SketchUp.
Find your Local folder %LocalAppData%
and find its subfolder named
delete it and its contents.
It is hidden by default, but it should be directly accessible when you use that %...% path in a Windows Explorer window…

Note that the equivalent on a MAC is…
"~/Library/Application Support"
and its subfolder is named:
with an initial . to make it hidden…
BUT deleting that would really be a last resort, because it is very unlikely to have issues…

Thank you! I will try that.

I had this issue as well. Although I did a ‘Repair’ install of sketchup as suggested, what I finally caught in the details of one of the youtube videos from thesketchupessentials, was to download the library as well - (libfredo6_v9.1 was the latest for me). I’m good now!

FWIW, Fredo explicitly calls out the dependency on LibFredo6 in numerous places and most of his extensions require the installation of the LibFredo6 support files.