Updating FREDO6 extensions

I am trying to use Fredo extensions. I have used mostly native tools til now even though I have some extensions installed.

Fredo stuff is out of date. I have downloaded (I think) the updates from Sketucation, Extensions and LIB. Found my License and am ready to go.

I just cannot get myself to understand the process. I am Stumped!

Are you using the Sketchucation Extension Store tool? That is required for many of Fredo6’s extensions and even if not you should install it in SketchUp and then use it to update Fredo6’s extensions.

For the ones you show downloaded you can open the Extension Manager and use Install Extension to install them. You will need the SCF Extension Store for license management.

Yes I have Sketchucation Loaded.

There is no catergoy for installing UPDATES.

So I just keep trying stuff aimlessly. Archive installer seemed to work.
Maybe “Update installer” is too much to expect.

What do Archives have to do with updated material?
ar·chive noun

  1. a collection of historical documents or records providing information about a place, institution, or group of people.
    “source materials in local archives”

ar·chived verb
past tense: archived; past participle: archived

  1. place or store (something) in an archive.

It makes even less sense since I looked up the definitions.

Yes, I am frustrated.

Thanks Dave for your efforts.

I’m afraid you are making this out to be much more difficult that it is. Since you have the Sketchucation Extension Store use it to install extensions. Click on the red button on the Sketchucation toolbar. You’ll get a window that looks like the following. Probably different extensions will be shown.

The middle button at the bottom of the window is the Search button. Click on it and you will get a search field. You can search for extensions there and thenclick on the red Install button to install them. Here I searched for FredoCorner.

If you use the Sketchucation Extension Store tool to install extensions from Fredo6, TIG, and others the tool will help you keep them up to date. If there were any extensins in my collection that need updates, there would be an indication next to the red button with the gear at the top left of the window. See the first screen shot. Click on the gear and it’ll go to the Update page. If there are extensions that need to be updated, there will be Update buttons for each as well as an Update All button. In my case it just shows my extensions are up to date.

For the moment forget about the extensions you downloaded. Open the Extension Store tool and use it to install LibFredo6 and FredoCorner. Also, while you’re at it, make sure that the Sketchucation Extension Store tool is up to date. The current version is 4.3.1 which shows at the top left of the window. You can select Sketchucation from the top of the Authors drop down list and it’ll take you right to it. Click the Install button to install it.

After you’ve installed the extensions quit and restart SketchUp to ensure they are all loaded properly.

Going forward, open this window once in awhile to see if there are any other updates available. Of course Fredo6’s extensions are checked for updates automatically every 15 days when you start SketchUp…