Unable to update or remove extensions (Fredo). SU Pro 2020

Hi folks,

I’m probably missing something obvious, but i don’t seem to be able to update or remove my current extensions. To be honest i don’t use many - just VRay and a few from Fredo6. I’m trying to update the Fredo extensions specifically but in the extension manager i’m unable to click on the “update” button for any of my extensions. “uninstall” i can click… but nothing happens. If i click “install extensions” button, i can select an rbz file… but then nothing happens.

What am i missing? Please help!! SU Pro 2020 on Win10 pro. (even updated this morning just in case!)



You can only update an extension with the Extension Manager if that extension came from the Extension Warehouse.
Fredo’s extensions [and mine] are hosted at SketchUcation.com/PluginStore
You can download the relevant RBZs from there and then use the ‘Install Extension’ red-button in the Extension Manager dialog…
Don’t forget that Fredos extensions need his LibFredo installing too…

If you have the SketchUcation-Toolset installed you can access the PluginStore [aka ExtensionStore²] directly and auto-install from its dialog missing out the manual RBZ step…
The SketchUcation-Toolset’s RBZ can also be downloaded from SketchUcation.com/PluginStore
If you don’t already have a SketchUcation membership it’s easy to set up a free-account…

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Hi Tig,

Thanks for the reply - that will explain the “update” button not being enabled then!

However, if i click the “install extensions” button, i can select the RBZ file (downloaded from SketchUcation), but then nothing happens… the dialog closes and nothing actually installs. Same with the “uninstall” button - which i tried in case i needed to remove the extension before re-installing.

Any ideas?



Can you install any extension from the Ext store?

Nothing does appear to happen when you install with Extension Manager. If you look for the extension, is it there?

I am unsure about some extensions I have that need updating. They are FredoSpline, LibFredo6, and FredoCorner. Do I uninstall the older version first? Or Just download. Will the new version over right the earlier release? I have attached a picture of the info on my current versions.

You should be able to just update them. No need to uninstall the old versions. Use the Sketchucation Extension Store tool to install them easily and correctly.

Thanks Dave